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LION'S DEN (Pablo Trapero, 2008)
“Leonera [the film's Spanish title] is a place of transit. It's the place where the prisoner is retained before she can move on to somewhere else. It is a cell…” - filmmaker Pablo Trapero … Read more

LIONEL (Edward Martin, 2008)
“Australia's own buried idol… he was a world champion, a former Australian of the Year, a musician with Number 1 hits and the greatest Aboriginal boxer of all time.” - filmmaker Eddie Mart… Read more

Liquid / Light / Flow (Rocco Helmchen, 2008)
This short experimental fulldome piece explores the idea of ‘liquid light'. It uses a 3D fluid simulation to immerse the viewer in a flow of luminous color inside a virtual transparent dome. ... Read more

LITTLE DEATHS (Ben Chessell, Sian Davies, Chris Benz, Toby Angwin, Fin Edquist, Guila Sandler, Genevieve Bailey, Jarrah Gurrie, Melanie Brunt, James Teh, Geoff Hitchins, 2008)
It's about love, it's about loss, it's about sex. ... Isolated, a lonely tollbooth operator watches as the world flows past him in a never-ending stream of vehicles, their passengers travelling to an… Read more

LORNA'S SILENCE (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, 2008)
In this cold-blooded scam, only Lorna's silence can implicate her.Lorna's Silence is the latest feature from the Dardenne brothers (The Son, MIFF 02; The Child, MIFF 05) who have a proven track recor… Read more

Lost Paradise- TELL ME A STORY (Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun, 2008)
A modern-day Adam and Eve are lost together in their own paradise; a moment later the idyll is gone. ... --- D/S Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun P Pablo Mehler, Guillaume Benski WS Divine Productions TD 35… Read more

“My childhood has never lost its magic, it has never lost its mystery, and it has never lost its drama.” - Louise Bourgeois, sculptor, painter and performance artist ... Over half a century into … Read more

LOUISE-MICHEL (Gustave de Kervern, 2008)
“This quixotic revenge comedy tosses decorum aside as it joyfully sifts through the underlying perversion of life.” - Sundance Film Festival ... When a team of female factory workers find their b… Read more

LOVE EXPOSURE (Sion Sono, 2008)
“Evoking an unhinged Ken Russell on a sushi binge.” - Variety ... Clocking in at just under 240 minutes but never skipping a beat, visionary filmmaker Sion Sono (Suicide Club, Noriko's Dinner Tab… Read more

Ma Bar- SHOW ME A STORY (Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall, 2008)
Bill McFadyen is on a quest to be the bench press champion of the world. He's almost there, and he's only 73. ... --- D/P Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall WS Scottish Documentary Institute (Edinburgh… Read more

MAID, THE (Sebastián Silva, 2008)
Filmmaker Sebastián Silva injects a simultaneously menacing and humourous undertone to this tale of a long-serving - and borderline psychotic - maid. ... Raquel has worked in service to the Valdes f… Read more

MARADONA BY KUSTURICA (Emir Kusturica, 2008)
“After I scored, I started running as if I'd stolen an Englishman's wallet.” - Diego Maradona ... Serbian director Emir Kusturica presents an intimate portrait of Argentinean soccer star Diego Ma… Read more

Margaret Blvd- TELL ME ANOTHER STORY (Kazik Radwanski, 2008)
On Princess Margaret Boulevard lives Isabelle, a woman defiantly confronting the frustration, confusion and loneliness of Alzheimer's disease. ... --- D/S Kazik Radwanski P Dan Montgomery WS Medium D… Read more

MARTYRS (Pascal Laugier, 2008)
“One of the most extreme pictures ever made.” - Total Film ... Filmmaker Pascal Laugier (Saint Ange) pushes at ‘acceptable' standards with sadistic violence in this dissection of a young woman'… Read more

Melbourne Coffee (David Rozetsky, 2008)
The soul of the city can be held in your hands. Poetry by Dorothy Porter produced by the Australian Poetry Centre. ... Not in competition ... --- D David Rozetsky P Teresa Bell S Dorothy Porter WS Au… Read more

MEMBERS OF THE FUNERAL (Baek Seung-bin, 2008)
“Heralds a dark wit and sleek intelligence guided by a creatively secure humility.” - Variety ... Death, family and literature all come to the forefront but not necessarily in that order, as thre… Read more

MEN'S GROUP (MA15+) (Michael Joy, 2008)
“We wanted to explore some of the unspoken fears and vulnerabilities that many men face, but are unable to voice.” - filmmaker Michael Joy ... Six strangers meet in a suburban lounge room to talk… Read more

MIAO MIAO (Cheng Hsiao-Tse, 2008)
Teenage love just got trickier. ... It's never easy being the new girl at school. For quiet and awkward Miao Miao - raised in Japan, but transferring to Taipei for the year - things get a lot easier … Read more

Minot, North Dakota- BEYOND THE WALLS (Angelika Brudniak, Cynthia Madansky, 2008)
With nuclear missiles hidden under the town, Minot is an uncanny place and its people lead a singular existence. ... --- D/P/S Angelika Brudniak, Cynthia Madansky WS SixPackFilm TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more

Mite- DRAW ME A STORY (Karl Tebbe, 2008)
Oma Grete's doesn't want to clean, even when her home is taken over by giant dust mites that threaten to destroy the world. ... --- D/S Karl Tebbe P Marjorie Bendeck WS ShortFilmAgency Hamburg L Germ… Read more

MOMMA'S MAN (Azazel Jacobs, 2008)
For some, leaving home is easy. For Mikey, returning is the problem. ... After visiting his parents, 30-something Mikey decides to stay on, at first using the excuse of a cancelled flight. However it… Read more

MOON (Duncan Jones, 2008)
The directorial debut of Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie), this claustrophobic sci-fi feature stars Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. ... Heralding a fresh renaissance in indie sci-fi flic… Read more

MORPHIA (Aleksey Balabanov, 2008)
“A talented man is on a downward path until he hits rock bottom. That happens pretty often. And not just because of drugs. There are a lot of temptations all around.” - filmmaker Aleksey Balabanov Read more

Mosaik Mecanique (Norbert Pffenbicher, 2008)
Graze and roam through each shot from the Charlie Chaplin short A Film Johnny (1914) or watch them all at once. You decide. --- D/P Norbert Pffenbicher WS Sixpack TD 35mm/2007/9mins ... Read more

MOSS, THE (Derek Kwok, 2008)
“This is a place of sin, prostitution, drug trafficking - you name it.” ... Gritty and blackly comic, The Moss is the second feature from director Derek Kwok, whose award-winning debut The Pye-Do… Read more

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