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MATILDA CANDIDATE, THE (Curtis Levy, 2009)
One man's quest to change the world (with bluetack).One candidate in the last Federal election who may have escaped your attention - as he did everyone else's - was the elder statesmen of Australia's… Read more

MEDAL OF HONOR (Calin Peter Netzer, 2009)
“A medal glitters, but it also casts a shadow.” - Winston Churchill ... Miserable curmudgeon Ion is anything but a hero. Both his son and wife haven't spoken to him in years, and Ion spends his d… Read more

METROPIA (Tarik Saleh, 2009)
You can't stop your thoughts. ... It's 2024 and an oil-starved Europe has connected its train systems via a massive underground subway network. Whenever Roger, a call-centre worker from Stockholm, st… Read more

MILK OF SORROW, THE (Claudia Llosa, 2009)
“Peruvian realities and… light magical realism mesh to create a vivid picture of a society and its problems.” - Variety ... Fausta suffers from what Peruvians call la teta asustada - ‘th… Read more

Miramare (Michaela Müller, 2009)
On the Mediterranean borders of Europe, tourists try to relax whilst ‘illegal' immigrants struggle for a chance for a better life. ... --- ... D/S Michaela Müller P Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb… Read more

MISFORTUNATES, THE (Felix van Groeningen, 2009)
“Blackout drinking, compulsive gambling, non-stop whoring and chronic fighting. Not exactly solid-citizen types.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Dimitri Verhulst's rambunctious semi-autobiographical no… Read more

Mokopuna (Ainsley Gardner, 2009)
New Zealand In Mary's reflection, or mokopuna, she finds only difference, but in Maori the word also means grandchild, providing a link to her heritage. ... --- D/S Ainsley Gardner P Glenis Giles WS … Read more

MOMMO (Atalay Tasdiken, 2009)
A touching true story about the bonds between a brother and sister, set amid the picturesque beauty of a remote Turkish village. ... Even when things get tough, Ahmet and Ayse are always there for ea… Read more

MOTHER (MA15+) (Bong Joon-ho, 2009)
“Vertigo-style flashback and shocking revelations elevate the film beyond mere thriller into high-octane Almodovar territory.” - Screen International ... One of South Korea's most exciting filmma… Read more

Mother of Many (Emma Lazenby, 2009)
The most dangerous journey needs a helping hand from someone who experiences it every day. ... --- ... D/S Emma Lazenby P Sally Arthur TD digibeta/2009 ... --- ... D/S Emma Lazenby P Sally Arthur TD … Read more

Muscles (Edward Housden, 2009)
Richard's sister Millie wants to be a bodybuilder. What happens when she's a better boy than he is? ... --- ... D/S Edward Housden P Nicholas Sherry TD 35mm/2009 ... --- ... D/S Edward Housden P Nich… Read more

MY ASIAN HEART (David Bradbury, 2009)
A searing document of one man's determination to illuminate the ignored conflicts of Asia. ... This documentary from political filmmaker David Bradbury (Raul the Terrible) focuses on the startling wo… Read more

MY NEIGHBOR, MY KILLER (Anne Aghion, 2009)
“Aghion's powerful film sets the beauty of a country against the unimaginable barbarity [that] took place.” - Screen International ... Could you ever forgive the people who slaughtered your famil… Read more

MY SUICIDE (David Lee Miller, 2009)
“Unlike anything you have ever seen… A visual stream of consciousness, blending archive footage, YouTube clips, doodles and other effects.” - Screen International ... Archie Williams, a di… Read more

NE CHANGE RIEN (Pedro Costa, 2009)
“The film is a sensorial exaltation… feast on the liquescent black and white cinematography, while Jeanne Balibar purrs her way through the recording and performing of an ensemble of musical … Read more

Necessary Games (Sophie Hyde, Paul Zivkovich, Kat Worth, Tuula Roppola, 2009)
Adelaide's Restless Dance Theatre presents a dance triptych about the games humans play to connect with one another. ... --- D Sophie Hyde, Paul Zivkovich, Kat Worth, Tuula Roppola P Closer Productio… Read more

Newbie (Tomasz Olejarczyk, 2009)
17-year-old Ania is trying to fit in with a group of risk-taking friends, but getting them to think about what they're doing may require her to up the ante. ... --- ... D/S Tomasz Olejarczyk P Instyt… Read more

Night Mayor (Guy Maddin, 2009)
Winnipeg, 1939: Bosnian immigrant Nihad Ademi conceives of a way to turn the music of the Aurora Borealis into film. ... This short is not in competition ... --- D/S Guy Maddin P Joe MacDonald, Linds… Read more

“A fast, funny and heartfelt celebration of one of Iran's most marginalised minorities: rock musicians.” - The National ... Filmed illegally in the Iranian city of Tehran, No One Knows About Pers… Read more

NORTH (Rune Denstad Langlo, 2009)
“Magnificently visual, with deadpan acting reminiscent of the road movies of Jim Jarmusch and Bouli Lanners and a quirky economy of style.” - Variety ... Rune Denstad Langlo makes his directorial… Read more

NYMPH (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2009)
“Oozes a sylvan sensuality.” - Bangkok Post ... Former MIFF guest and Thai revelation Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Invisible Waves, MIFF 06; Ploy, MIFF 08) returns with a moody supernatural drama about a … Read more

One Night (Alexandra Schepisi, 2009)
An intimate glimpse into the lives of five women over the course of one night out on the town. ... --- D/P/S Alexandra Schepisi TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more

“It was so direct, so musically inventive, so improvised… totally in your face.” - Nick Cave ... One of the most innovative and inspirational artists of the last 30 years, Mark Stewart bro… Read more

OSADNE (Marko Skop, 2009)
Even the cows are leaving. ... The only thing that really sets the tiny hamlet of Osadné in Slovakia apart is a fading statue of Andy Warhol (his parents were born there). The 216 inhabitants ar… Read more

Out in That Deep Blue Sea (Kazik Radwanski, 2009)
Too much work, not enough sleep, a kid that hates you and a wife that's on your back - the malcontented life of a middle-age real estate agent. ... --- ... D/S Kazik Radwanski P Daniel Montgomery WS … Read more

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