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Films In 2009

“Red Riding is genre drama at its most powerful.” - Independent ... The final instalment of the Red Riding trilogy brings an explosive finality and some satisfying closure. Directed by filmmaker Anand Tucker (Shopgirl, And When Did You Last See Your Father?), Red Riding: 1983 returns to ... Read more
The rescuer hero risks life and limb to save his best friend from danger, but will the polka-dot girl get in his way? ... --- D/S Christopher Broe P Shalyn Kempema, Sherman Lai TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
Rudi has a flash of inspiration, there's a masterpiece on his mind, but glory and perfection don't come easy. ... --- D/P Nedeljko Dragic WS Zagreb Film L no dialogue TD Digital Betacam PAL/2009 ... Read more
Rudi's heart is thumping, his palms are sweaty, he's got one thing on his mind… and it's not what you think. ... --- D/P Nedeljko Dragic WS Zagreb Film L no dialogue TD Digital Betacam PAL/2009 ... Read more
"The artist is someone who pays attention and reports back." - James Benning ... Experimental filmmaker James Benning moves from 16mm to high-definition video in his first film shot outside of the USA - an unhurried, meticulously composed meditation on the industrial landscapes of the Ruhr Valley ... Read more
A man left alone in the overwhelmingly beautiful and alien flatness of Lake Eyre, with nothing but the horizon. And salt. ... --- D Michael Angus & Murray Fredericks P/S Michael Angus S Michael Angus WS Jerrycan Films Pty Ltd TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
Even hideous freaks and ghoulish monsters need someone to talk to. ... --- ... D Suren Perera P Donna Andrews, Stu Connolly S Stu Connolly, Doug MacLeod WS Flickerfest TD digibeta/2009 ... --- ... D Suren Perera P Donna Andrews, Stu Connolly S Stu Connolly, Doug MacLeod WS Flickerfest TD ... Read more
“An engrossing peek inside the fashion world's corridors of power.” - Variety ... Allegedly the inspiration for Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is one of the most powerful and polarising figures in fashion. With unprecedented access, this ... Read more
"He was the world's go-to guy. He'd probably seen more wars, more human misery, than any man or woman of his generation." - filmmaker Greg Barker ... Diplomat Sergio De Mello had so much star quality his biographer called him “a cross between James Bond and Bobby Kennedy”. During his time as a ... Read more
“With its quirky humour, its tragi-comic storyline and its repeated defiance of expectations, She, a Chinese is a profoundly human story with a bold scope.” - Eye For Film ... Mi Lie has never travelled more than five miles from her home, a poverty-stricken village in rural China where everyone ... Read more
A boy and a girl watch strange yet familiar landscapes side by side, together yet alone. ... --- D/S Nassiem Valamanesh P Selena Tan WS Paco Pictures TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
To deal with bullies, eight-year-old Andy must leave behind his superpowers and face the music on his own. ... Received special distinction at Cannes 09. ... --- D/S Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland P Wendy Cuthbert WS New Zealand Film Commission TD 35mm/2009 ... Read more
A young woman, interviewed by her doctor, gradually exposes her past and a vulnerable emotional core. ... D/P/S Anne Emond WS Vidéographe Distribution L French w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
The passionate career of a man obsessed with music. ... German music producer and founder of ECM, Manfred Eicher, has been responsible for introducing the world to over three hundred albums and countless new sounds. In Sounds and Silence documentary filmmakers Peter Guyer and Norbert Wiedmer follow ... Read more
How do you put a price on a dream? ... Once the stuff of mere fantasy, then a symbol of the struggle between superpowers, space travel is now a possibility for anyone with a large enough bank balance. In the heart of Kazakhstan - nerve-centre of the cold war - a capitalist wonderland has emerged ... Read more
Science's newest miracle is a big, big mistake. ... Almost a century after Frankenstein's monster first lumbered across cinema screens, Splice proves the ‘humans as God' horror genre never goes out of fashion. ... With the support of executive producer Guillermo Del Toro and the influence of ... Read more
Filmmaker Makino Takashi and musician Jim O'Rourke present a dense chaotic experience from birth to death. ... --- ... D/P/S Makino Takashi L no dialogue TD HDCAM/2009 ... --- ... D/P/S Makino Takashi L no dialogue TD HDCAM/2009 ... Read more
What began as an unassuming documentary has taken on the fate of a cause célèbre. Initially begun as a film about family reunion in a western Saharan refugee camp, the production suddenly takes a complete twist into an expose of slavery. This film will spark debate, not only about the issues, but ... Read more
The story of a people confronting tyranny with the joyful power of art, music and self-expression. ... Intensely political and emotional, this documentary is a celebration of West Papua, told through story, music and song. It's also a testament to the determination of director, Charlie Hill-Smith ... Read more
It's Mr Karpf's birthday, but will anyone call? Winner of the Prix UIP Berlin at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival. ... --- D Lola Randl P Komet Film, Lola Randl S Lola Randl, Rainer Egger L German w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2009 ... Read more
Virtual neo-Tokyo is about to explode in this technological love story. ... With his 2006 feature The Girl Who Leapt Through Time anime director Mamoru Hosoda demonstrated his flair for narrative whimsy and technical mastery; Summer Wars confirms he is hot on the heels of legendary animator Hayao ... Read more
The sixth film in the Dead series from zombie king George A. Romero (a MIFF guest in 2008). ... Offering up the flesh-chomping effects enthusiasts have come to know and love, Romero's franchise continues with a pulpy Western-influenced tale that follows Sarge (a minor character from Diary of the ... Read more
“Monumental. An anthropological work of art.” - Cinema Scope ... A giant bleating flock of three thousand sheep take to the big mountains - and the big screen - in a documentary unlike anything you've seen before. Following ‘the last ride of the American cowboy', Sweetgrass documents the ... Read more
Cube meets Being John Malkovich. ... Japan's hugely popular comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto (Dainipponjin, MIFF 08) demonstrates his maturation as a filmmaker with this piece of candy-coloured weirdness. ... An anonymous man - played by Matsumoto in a noteworthy example of great physical comedy - wakes ... Read more
A witty and succinct set of urban myths from the hardscrabble years of Romanian communism.This portmanteau contains five stories from the ‘Golden Age' of the Ceausescu regime. Cristian Mungiu (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, MIFF 08) has written them all, though he shares directorial duties with ... Read more
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