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JOURNALS OF MUSAN (Park Jung-Bum, 2010)
For a North Korean in South Korea, the grass isn't always greener. ... Having escaped the oppressiveness of North Korea, Jeon Seung-chul is determined to build a better life for himself amidst the fr… Read more

L.A. ZOMBIE (Bruce LaBruce, 2010)
The creator of Otto; Or, Up with Dead People (MIFF 08) extends his adventures in cinema's most unmarketable sub-genre - gay zombie porn. ... Zombies don't often come as fully-ripped as porn star Fran… Read more

Lazarov (Nietov, 2010)
A group of Russian scientists work on a top-secret program designed to resurrect Soviet power. A reanimated chicken is involved. ... Not in competition. ... D/P/S Nietov L no dialogue TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more

LEAP YEAR (Michael Rowe, 2010)
Winner of the Camera d'Or at this year's Cannes film festival. ... Holed up in her rundown Mexican apartment, freelance journalist Laura Lopez lives a life of quiet desperation. In between watching T… Read more

LEMMY (Greg Olliver, Wes Orshoski, 2010)
“More than any other rock musician, he is the baddest motherfucker in the world.” - Dave Grohl ... Lemmy Kilmister and God get in a fight, who wins? Trick question, Lemmy is God. Alice Cooper, La… Read more

Less and Less (Luc Moullet, 2010)
A droll lamentation about the automation of modern life, by French New Wave filmmaker Luc Moullet. A follow-up to his 1994 short More and More. ... D Luc Moullet P Les Films d'Ici WS Le Fresnoy L Fre… Read more

LIFE 2.0 (Jason Spingarn-Koff, 2010)
"A disturbing vision of escape, a cautious portrait of liberation, and an exploration of authenticity and artificiality." - Village Voice ... Life 2.0 sets out to discover the psychologies behind the… Read more

Life: A Cosmic Story (Ryan Wyatt, 2010)
Unlock the secrets of the universe. ... Combining the philosophical and the scientific, Life: A Cosmic Story takes viewers on a voyage of discovery through the building blocks of the natural world. F… Read more

Lily (Kasimir Burgess, 2010)
A girl and her father share their last holiday. Based on a series of paintings by Julia Ciccarone. ... --- ... D/S Kasimir Burgess P Julia Ciccarone, Kasimir Burgess TD digibeta/2010 ... --- ... D/S … Read more

LITTLE SPARROWS (Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen, 2010)
A story about secrets, loss and the desire to love. ... Over one hot Australian Christmas, Susan discovers her breast cancer has spread, and one by one her daughters return to be by her side. Her ‘… Read more

LITTLEROCK (Mike Ott, 2010)
"A small gem of miscommunication and hopefulness." - Filmmaker Magazine ... Brother and sister Rintaro and Atsuko have travelled from Japan to America, and their broken-down rental car has stranded t… Read more

LIVING ON LOVE ALONE (Isabelle Czajka, 2010)
"Drama, outlaw romance and social critique make this a compelling statement from one of French cinema's vital new voices." - London Film Festival ... Julie (Anaïs Demoustier) is a young, disillu… Read more

Lou Barlow: Goodnight Unknown (Adam Harding, 2010)
A revealing and intimate glimpse into the creative process of indie rock pioneer Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh and Folk Implosion. ... --- ... D/P Adam Harding TD betacamsp/2010 ... --- ... D/P … Read more

Love Birds (Brian Lye, 2010)
The mating and nesting rituals of birds as performed by naked adults. A comedic and sinister challenge to the way we perceive our feathered friends. ... D/S Brian Lye P Tomas Hruby, Yana Rits, David … Read more

LOVE IN A PUFF (Pang Ho-cheung , 2010)
“A eulogy to lung pollution, Love in a Puff makes sharing a pack of cigarettes look sexier than sharing a bed.” - Hollywood Reporter ... In post-cigarette ban Hong Kong, smokers gather around rub… Read more

LSD (Dibakar Bannerjee, 2010)
You're being watched. ... Technology, media and voyeurism interweave in stories covering love, sex and dhokha (treachery) in the modern age. From forbidden romance to hidden cameras and shonky sting … Read more

Blood! Breasts! Beasts! A brutal orgy of ghastly terror! ... Busty babes, mutated monsters and midget secret agents, the Filipino genre films of the 70s and 80s had it all. Saturating drive-ins aroun… Read more

MAJORITY (Seren Yüce, 2010)
Winner of Best First Feature at the Venice Film Festival. ... Twenty-one years old and still living under the brutish dominion of his father, perpetual screw-up Mertkan makes decisions or, more gener… Read more

MAKING IT HANDMADE! (Anna Brownfield, 2010)
Think craft is for grannies? Think again. ... A seditious and subversive subculture is gaining momentum in Melbourne. But rather than wielding megaphones and placards, they're cross-stitching slogans… Read more

Manurewa (Sam Peacocke, 2010)
The lives of the residents of Manurewa, New Zealand, clash in tragedy. Based on true events. ... --- ... D/S Sam Peacocke P Kristian Eek WS NZ Film Commission L English, Punjabi w/English subtitles T… Read more

MARWENCOL (Jeff Malmberg, 2010)
“It just gets weirder and weirder.” - Mark Hogancamp ... After a vicious bashing left him brain damaged and broke, Mark Hogancamp sought recovery in ‘Marwencol' - a 1/6th-scale World War II-era… Read more

Maska (Quay Brothers, 2010)
Created limb by limb and programmed to kill, a deadly automaton questions her maker. New stop-motion animation from the award-winning Quay Brothers. ... --- ... D/S Quay Brothers P Zbigniew Zmudzki, … Read more

MATCHING JACK (Nadia Tass, 2010)
Sometimes it takes a trauma to change things for the better. ... An inner-urban Melbourne family is turned upside down when their young son Jack is diagnosed with leukemia, and his father's years of … Read more

MATCHMAKING MAYOR (Erika Hníková, 2010)
"On July 25, we'll be hosting a social gathering for single men and women... Maybe we can wake up your hormones." - Mayor Josef Gajdos ... After bringing better roads, jobs and cable television to th… Read more

Meathead (Sam Holst, 2010)
A 17-year-old gets a job at the local meat works, and finds the biggest challenge of his first day will be getting out in one peice. In competition at Cannes 2011. ... D Sam Holst P Desray Armstrong,… Read more

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