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RED DOG (PG) (Kriv Stenders, 2010)
From one of Australia's greatest filmmakers, Kriv Stenders (Boxing Day, MIFF 2007; Blacktown, MIFF 2005), comes the heartwarming tale of an Australian country town and the dog it loved. ... In Dampie… Read more

RED HILL (Patrick Hughes, 2010)
An escaped criminal wages a war of retribution against a sleepy town in Victoria's high country in this modern outlaw thriller. ... When police officer Shane Cooper (Ryan Kwanten, True Blood) and his… Read more

REJOICE & SHOUT (Donald McGlynn, 2010)
“Blues are the songs of despair, but gospel songs are the songs of hope.” - Mahalia Jackson ... Take a foot-stompin' journey into the heart and soul of gospel music from seasoned music documentar… Read more

ROUTE IRISH (Ken Loach, 2010)
"Insightful and explosive, so torn from today's headlines it leaves newsprint on your hands." - Empire ... Former soldiers and lifelong friends, Fergus and Frankie, have been growing rich doing priva… Read more

RUBBER (Quentin Dupieux, 2010)
The story of Robert, a murderous tyre with psychic powers. ... It's not often something comes along that is completely original in concept, but Rubber is definitely the one-and-only film about a kill… Read more

RUSSIAN LESSONS (Andrei Nekrasov, Olga Konskaya, 2010)
“Dignifies the struggles of powerless people and holds a sobering mirror up to a superpower.” - Sundance Film Festival ... A startling work of investigative journalism, Russian Lessons sees its t… Read more

Self Service (Silas Money, 2010)
Everyday household items flash before our eyes in extreme close-up, with increasing intensity to create the sensation of a panic attack in a supermarket. ... D/S Silas Money P Animation Staff, Royal … Read more

SENNA (M) (Asif Kapadia, 2010)
"A high-octane bio of one of auto racing's greatest figures." - Variety ... Brazilian motor racing champion Ayrton Senna is widely regarded as the greatest driver ever to get behind the wheel. The wi… Read more

Seven Days in the Woods (Peter Larsson, 2010)
The forest is a strange, dark and frightening place. Is this what a stop-motion film by Lars von Trier would look like? ... D/P/S Peter Larsson WS Swedish Film Institute L no dialogue TD 35mm/2010 ... Read more

SHE MONKEYS (Lisa Aschan, 2010)
Winner of Best Film at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, She Monkeys is a nuanced and provocative study of young female desire. ... In the height of the Swedish summer, 15-year-old Emma joins a lo… Read more

SILENT SONATA (Janez Burger, 2010)
"Now all my teachers are dead except silence." - W.S. Merwin ... A man lives with his children in a half-demolished house in the middle of a warzone. His wife has been killed by a grenade and he fear… Read more

SILENT SOULS (Aleksei Fedorchenko, 2010)
"Lyrical and mysterious... takes the viewer on a voyage into the human soul." - Hollywood Reporter ... Silent Souls follows Aist, a professional photographer and writer, and his boss Miron, as they t… Read more

Slave Ship (T. Marie, 2010)
JMW Turner's provocative 1840 painting The Slave Ship is re-imagined in this abstrac pixel painting-film. ... D/P T. Marie TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more

"Peter von Bagh carves a forceful, fastmoving, often melancholic but frequently funny essay about cinema as the essence of the 20th century. " - Film Comment ... Peter von Bagh is a filmmaker, film h… Read more

SON OF BABYLON (Mohamed Al-Daradji, 2010)
“Chases a poetic answer for the crimes of Saddam Hussein.” - Variety ... A son's search for his father and a mother's search for her son are the centrepiece for filmmaker Mohamed Al Daradji's exp… Read more

Specky Four Eyes (Jean-Claude Rozec, 2010)
It turns out Arnaud needs glasses - though he prefers instead to live in the fantastical world created by his nearsightedness. ... D/S Jean-Claude Rozec P Mathieu Courtois, Jean-Claude Rozec WS Vivem… Read more

Stardust (Nicolas Provost, 2010)
Tourists and celebrities are unknowingly part of a Las Vegas crime thriller by Nicholas Provost (Long Live The New Flesh, MIFF 2010 Best Experimental Short Film). ... D/P/S Nicolas Provost WS Argos C… Read more

Stony Point (Olivia Peniston-Bird, 2010)
Two sisters' friendship is tested when their boring summer holiday is spiced up by the arrival of a new friend. ... --- ... D/S Olivia Peniston-Bird P Olivia Peniston-Bird, Nigel Karikari TD digibeta… Read more

“The more time I spent with the music, the more I got to thinking this is really one of America's great songwriters at work.” - Peter Gabriel ... Best known as the frontman to the Magnetic Fields… Read more

STREET DAYS (Levan Koguashvili, 2010)
There's no such thing as the free world. ... Morality is as grey as the run-down streets of contemporary Georgia in filmmaker Levan Koguashvili's gritty and satirical debut feature Street Days. ... T… Read more

Strips (Félix Dufour-Laperrière, 2010)
A vintage burlesque film cut to strips and reassembled, hiding and revealing as much as it ever did. ... --- ... D/P Félix Dufour-Laperrière L no dialogue TD 35mm/2010 ... --- ... D/P Félix Dufour… Read more

SUBMARINE (Richard Ayoade, 2010)
A delightfully offbeat coming-of-age tale, flecked with shades of Rushmore, Submarine is a charming debut from UK comedy stalwart Richard Ayoade (The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd). ... Fifteen-year-old… Read more

SUMMER CODA (Richard Gray, 2010)
Closure is just the beginning. ... The action of this brand new Australian drama centres around the return of Heidi (Rachel Taylor) to Australia in search of family and friends. With only a violin an… Read more

SUPER (James Gunn, 2010)
The Crimson Bolt is here to fight crime, the only way he knows how - with a pipe wrench. ... After Frank's wife (Liv Tyler) is lured into drug addiction by her sleazy ex-boyfriend (Kevin Bacon), Fran… Read more

SURVIVING LIFE (Jan vankmajer, 2010)
"Dazzling visual invention from a master animator... an unmissable pleasure." - Hollywood Reporter ... After a five-year absence following the death of his wife, Eva, surrealist Jan Švankmajer… Read more

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