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Clay (Michaël Guerraz, 2012)
A sensual meditation on art and ageing starring Édith Scob (Holy Motors, MIFF 2012) as a sculptor who is blind who uses her hands to ‘see' the young male model posing for her. ... D Mich… Read more

COMING FORTH BY DAY (Hala Lotfy, 2012)
"Stands out for its extraordinary use of space and time, fully grasping the emptiness of lost lives." – Variety ... The debut fiction feature from documentary filmmaker Hala Lotfy, Coming Forth… Read more

COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING (Anja Daelemans,Kim Gwang Hun,Nicholas Bonner, 2012)
"Cheerfully smashing perceptions of North Korea as a shuttered nation, Comrade Kim Goes Flying proves that cooperation with the West really is possible, at least in cinema." – Variety ... … Read more

CONISTON (David Batty, Francis Jupurrurlla Kelly, 2012)
More than 80 years after the brutal slaughter of 100 or more Aboriginal people in Central Australia, survivors and their descendants tell their story in Coniston. Known as “the Coniston Massacres… Read more

CROKER ISLAND EXODUS (Steven McGregor, 2012)
A remarkable true story of courage and survival in the Australian outback during World War II. ... In 1941, all the white women and children were evacuated from Darwin ahead of the anticipated Japane… Read more

Crystal World (Pia Borg, 2012)
Pia Borg (Palimpset: Between the Walls, MIFF 2009) returns to MIFF with this captivating live action/stop-motion mash-up between JG Ballard's dystopian sci-fi novel The Crystal World and Charles Laug… Read more

Cut Sleeves (Darren Cole, 2012)
A personal profile of the Melbourne punk rock band Bits of Shit as they release their debut LP. ... World Premiere. ... D/P Darren Cole TD HD WS VCA School of Film & Television Cam/2012 ... Read more

Dave's Dead (Alethea Jones, 2012)
Tom is just beginning to learn that maybe his dead best buddy Dave wasn't such a great mate after all. An ultra-black comedy from Alethea Jones, director of When the Wind Changes (MIFF 2010) and the … Read more

DAY OF THE CROWS, The (Jean-Christophe Dessaint, 2012)
"Combining elements of Shrek and Truffaut's The Wild Child." – Hollywood Reporter ... This debut feature from skilled French animator Jean-Christophe Dessaint is both beautifully crafted a… Read more

DEAD EUROPE (, 2012)
Some secrets and superstitions are best left alone. ... After the stunning short Jewboy (MIFF 05) and stirring documentary The Tall Man, Australian director Tony Krawitz makes his full-length fiction… Read more

MIFF is proud to present filmmaker Nicolas Rey's extraordinary, randomised film experiment. ... In differently, Molussia there are nine chapters. Before each screening the order of the chapters is se… Read more

DIRTY WARS (Richard Rowley, 2012)
"Filed from the frontlines of the war on terror, documentarian Richard Rowley's astonishingly hard-hitting Dirty Wars renders the investigative work of journalist Jeremy Scahill in the form of a '70s… Read more

Doppelgänger (Juliana Rojas, 2012)
A slow burn and uncanny horror about a young teacher who encounters her double walking the hallways of the school she teaches at. ... Screened in competition at Cannes' International Critics Week. ..… Read more

Double Fikret (Haiyang Wang, 2012)
Like a Dali painting come to life with a touch of Terry Gilliam-esque humour, this colourful animation is a stream of surreal associations and transformations. ... D/P/S Haiyang Wang WS WS Danmeng Ar… Read more

Double Graffiti (Paul Winkler, 2012)
Paul Winkler (Shooting Arrows, MIFF 2012) continues to explore street art and how it is perceived in this stylish and playful presentation of found graffiti pieces. ... World Premiere. ... D/P/S Paul… Read more

DOWNLOADED (Alex Winter, 2012)
The story of Napster's Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, whose desire to share music wounded an entire industry. ... Fans loved it, Metallica and Dr Dre vowed to destroy it, and after three years plunde… Read more

DRAGON GIRLS (Inigo Westmeier, 2012)
"A fascinating look into a world many of us don't understand." – Toronto Film Scene ... Of the 20,000 pupils at the illustrious Shaolin Tagu Kung Fu School (located next to the famous Shaolin T… Read more

Dumpy Goes to the Big Smoke (Mirrah Foulkes, 2012)
Actor Mirrah Foulkes (Animal Kingdom) makes her directorial debut with this film about a chance encounter that could change a lonely woman's life. Features Anthony Hayes (The Slap). ... D/S Mirrah Fo… Read more

EAST HASTINGS PHARMACY (Antoine Bourges, 2012)
"Against an austere backdrop, East Hastings Pharmacy transforms the methodical routine of methadone dispensing into the mechanics of gripping drama." - DOXA Documentary Film Festival Jury ... With th… Read more

Eat (Moritz Krämer, 2012)
On a break from a photo shoot, a fashion model discovers everything is edible: the furniture, the TV, the walls around her… ... D Moritz Krämer P Markus Kaatsch, Tara Biere, Nick Warnecke … Read more

Ebb and Flow (Gabriel Mascaro, 2012)
Rodrigo, a young man who is deaf living in the slums of Brazilian city Recife, installs car stereos to make money for himself and his daughter. Gradually piecing together his life, the film paints a … Read more

ECHO (Merlin Flügel, 2012)
People, animals and buildings create a visual echo in this surreal, hand-drawn animation. Obtuse, atmospheric and engaging. ... D/P/S/WS Merlin Flügel L no dialogue TD DCP/2012 ... Read more

ELENA (Petra Costa, 2012)
"Elena is one of the most moving, heartrending cinematic experiences I've ever had. Of unusual beauty, it's a film we keep turning to for a long time. It's a must see!" - Walter Salles ... Brazilian … Read more

END OF TIME, The (Peter Mettler, 2012)
What is time? A reality? An illusion? A concept? These questions lie at the heart of visionary filmmaker Peter Mettler's latest work. ... Peter Mettler was last seen at MIFF in 2010 with Petropolis: … Read more

ERNEST & CELESTINE (Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, 2012)
“A delightful melding of visual style and narrative pirouettes, Ernest & Celestine is a just-about-perfect hand drawn animated feature.” - Screen Daily ... Celestine is a little mouse trying to a… Read more

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