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HAND IN HAND (Valérie Donzelli, 2012)
From the moment they meet – and against their will – Héléne and Joachim begin a lovers' dance they are powerless to stop. ... In the capital to install mirrors at the presti… Read more

HARANA (Benito Bautista, 2012)
"Infectiously winning ... honest and open-hearted, the kind [of film] that leaves behind the glow of romance." - Variety ... Once upon a time if a young Filipino man wanted to woo a girl there was on… Read more

Herd Leader (Chloé Robichaud, 2012)
Clara's insensitive family can't understand why she's still single, but decide she's therefore the best person to take care of her aunt's pug after her aunt unexpectedly dies. This droll comedy was s… Read more

HERITAGE FIGHT (Eugénie Dumont, 2012)
The inside story of the fight against one of the world's biggest mining developments. ... In 2008 a consortium of miners and politicians decided to build the world's second biggest natural gas plant … Read more

HIJACKING, A (Tobias Lindholm, 2012)
"A powerful and intensely watchable film." – Screen Daily ... Tobias Lindholm (co-writer of The Hunt, MIFF 2012) settles into his second stint behind the camera in typically taut style, cr… Read more

Hitch Hike (Matthew Saville, 2012)
A young man hitchhiking to meet his birth mother for the first time makes an unlikely connection along the way. ... D/S Matthew Saville P Julia Parnell WS NZ Film Commission TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more

HOLY MOTORS (Leos Carax, 2012)
“Represents everything that cinema ought to be: poetic, unpractised in following convention and filled with mystery.” - Screen Comment ... Leos Carax has been doing audience's heads in since his … Read more

Home (Thomas Gleeson, 2012)
A charming, dialogue-free documentary that follows a house as it's moved across the country. Nominated for Best Short Film at the New Zealand Film Awards 2012. ... D Thomas Gleeson P Thomas Gleeson, … Read more

Honk if You're Horny (Joe Lonie, 2012)
A taxi driver tells his passenger a tall tale about a night of outrageous sexual exploits in his cab. Beautifully shot by musician and music video veteran Joe Lonie, and starring Andy Anderson, Honk … Read more

HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE (David France, 2012)
"Stunning… the quintessential snapshot of a moment and a movement." - Slant ... Faced with their own mortality, an improbable group of mostly HIV-positive young men and women broke the mould a… Read more

Hungry Man (Jordan Prosser, 2012)
Declan Greene checks into a decaying hotel where we just wants to lay low. The manipulative and homicidal tapeworm that lives inside him and has a taste for black-market foods has different ideas. ..… Read more

Hunter, The (Margaret Harvey, 2012)
When Jarlo and his girlfriend stumble across an ominous sign out in the bush, Jarlo ignores it at his peril. A modern and creepy re-telling of the bunyip story. ... D Margaret Harvey P John Harvey S … Read more

I DECLARE WAR (Jason Lapeyre,Robert Wilson, 2012)
"It's a loving, fun, extraordinarily well made celebration of the imagination and worldview of being 12." – Badass Digest ... Pre-teen and military tactics expert PK Sullivan gathers his f… Read more

I Kill (David White, Paul Wedel, 2012)
A mobile slaughterman who can kill a cow humanely from a moving car, Beatle Tarrant offers a powerful argument for ethical slaughtering in this revealing portrait of a man who kills so that we may ea… Read more

I'm The One (Paola Morabito, 2012)
A teenage boy in love with his father's girlfriend is presented with an opportunity to act on his feelings in this sensual and provocative film about adolescent desire. ... Directed by Paola Morabito… Read more

IN ANOTHER COUNTRY (Hong Sang-soo, 2012)
“This is a visually eccentric and puppyishly funny film: the very best kind of odd.” - The Telegraph ... MIFF regular Hong Sang-soo (Oki's Movie, MIFF 11; the Prix Un Certain Regard winning Hahah… Read more

IN THE FOG (Sergei Loznitsa, 2012)
Winner of the FIPRESCI Award at Cannes 2012. ... It is 1942, and on the German-occupied Western frontiers of the Soviet Union, local partisans are fighting a brutal resistance campaign. Two of these … Read more

INOCENTE (Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine, 2012)
The uplifting power of art is showcased in this special coming-of-age documentary. ... Inocente is a perception-shattering documentary about the transformative power of art, told through the eyes of … Read more

Irish Folk Furniture (Tony Donoghue, 2012)
Best Short Animation winner at Sundance, Tony Donoghue's (A Film From My Parish: 6 Farms, MIFF 2009) Irish Folk Furniture is an enchanting, visually delightful look at the culture and social history … Read more

It's Not a Cowboy Movie (Benjamin Parent, 2012)
During recess, four teens discuss seeing Brokeback Mountain on television; how it moved them and how it got them thinking about same-sex relationships. Sweet, funny and honest, It's Not a Cowboy Movi… Read more

Iyeza (Kudzanai Chiurai, 2012)
A bold allegory on The Last Supper, Zimbabwean-born multimedia artist Kudzanai Chiurai's Iyeza is an absorbing, powerful piece of cinematic painting exploring the violence at the heart of what Chiura… Read more

JACK IRISH: BAD DEBTS (Jeffrey Walker, 2012)
Melbourne in winter… Rain. Wind. Pubs. Beer. Sex. Corruption. Murder. ... Based on international award-winning crime writer Peter Temple's novel Bad Debts and directed by Jeffrey Walker, Jack … Read more

JOHN DIES AT THE END (Don Coscarelli, 2012)
"Joyously heterodox in its method, an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mélange of sci-fi, black comedy, and action, with disquieting body-horror sight gags that at times recall David Cronenberg… Read more

JOURNAL DE FRANCE (Raymond Depardon, 2012)
“A tribute to a masterful eye, a humanistic heart and a wondrous life.” - Variety ... Part travel diary, part retrospective, Journal de France trails acclaimed documentarian Raymond Depardon (Unt… Read more

Jury (Kim Dong-ho, 2012)
Kim Ho-dong has been on the jury for more than 40 film festivals, giving him a unique insight into the process that he hilariously skewers in this satirical, self-aware look at film festivals and the… Read more

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