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Just Before Losing Everything (Xavier Legrand, 2012)
A young boy skipping school hides under a bridge. A teenage girl in tears waits by a bus stop. Both are picked up by a woman who drives to a supermarket that becomes the setting for a nail-biting thr… Read more

JUST THE WIND (Bence Fliegauf, 2012)
“Inspired by real events, Magyar auteur Bence Fliegauf's spare, naturalistic drama puts a human face on the victims of racially motivated violence.” - Variety ... Despite the siege-like atmospher… Read more

JUVENILE OFFENDER (Kang Yi-kwan, 2012)
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo Film Festival. ... When 16-year-old Ji-gu gets out of juvenile detention, he's shocked to discover that Hyo-seung, the mother he long thought dead, is al… Read more

Keep a Modest Head (Deco Dawson, 2012)
Through a stunning blend of animation, experimentation and documentary, Deco Dawson presents this wonderfully innovative and suitably surrealist tribute to Jean Benoît, the final living memb… Read more

KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (Ira Sachs, 2012)
“[Breaks] new ground in contemporary American gay cinema.” - Hollywood Reporter ... From American director Ira Sachs (Forty Shades of Blue, MIFF 05) comes the story of two men who fall in love in… Read more

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys (Jens Assur, 2012)
Former war photographer Jens Assur brings us a story of a young teacher in China whose life is unravelled by national politics. ... Screens as part of the Swedish Shorts package. ... D/P Jens Assur W… Read more

Kolona (Ujkan Hysaj, 2012)
A family fleeing Kosovo in 1999 are stopped at a Serbian refugee checkpoint, where they are forced to make a terrible life or death decision. ... D/P Ujkan Hysaj S Besian Hysaj L Albanian,Serbian w/E… Read more

L (Babis Makridis, 2012)
“L should leave us in no doubt that something fascinating is happening in Greek film." - Senses of Cinema ... Man lives in his car. His existence consists of delivering honey - one jar at a time - … Read more

Lambs (Sam Kelly, 2012)
Jimmy is forced to chose between running away or staying in a hostile and violent home environment to protect his younger siblings. ... A hard-hitting film that screened in competition at the 2012 Be… Read more

LASSETER'S BONES (Luke Walker, 2012)
The man behind one of Australia's most fascinating legends, Lasseter's Reef, was worth his weight in gold. ... Australia's El Dorado was found by Lewis Harold Bell Lasseter - if we believe his claims… Read more

LAST DANCE (David Pulbrook, 2012)
The world premiere of a taut story torn from today's headlines but touching on themes as old as the human condition itself: faith, freedom, love, loss and hope. ... Following a deadly terrorist attac… Read more

LAST TIME I SAW MACAO, The (João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata, 2012)
"Chris Marker, James Bond, film noir, B-movies, sci-fi. [We] like to see the film as being influenced by all of them, but also as if we started from zero." – filmmakers João Pedro R… Read more

LE GRAND SOIR (Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern, 2012)
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. ... Jean-Pierre is a respectable, straitlaced mattress salesman, the polar opposite of his brother, Not, who calls himself “the ol… Read more

LESSON OF THE EVIL (Takashi Miike, 2012)
Takashi Miike – Japan's undisputed master of mayhem – makes his triumphant return to the blood-strewn savagery that made his name. ... In an unassuming Japanese high school, you… Read more

LEVIATHAN (Lucien Castaing-Taylor,Valérie Donzelli, 2012)
"Truly spectacular, an optic-aural overload." - Cinema Scope ... An awe-inspiring, immersive film that puts audiences onboard the monster alluded to in the film's title - a commercial fishing vessel … Read more

LIBERAL ARTS (Josh Radnor, 2012)
“With Liberal Arts, Radnor positions himself as a mini-Cameron Crowe, mixing joy, life lessons and a love of culture into a perfect, crowd pleasing film.” - Slash Film ... Stuck in a joyless city… Read more

Like Rabbits Sticky Ends chap 2 (Osman Cerfon, 2012)
People come to the fair ground for all types of fun, but the bad-luck spreading, melancholic fish-headed man puts an end to that. ... D Osman Cerfon P Franck Ekinci, Camille Serceau S Osman Cerfon, C… Read more

LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE (Abbas Kiarostami, 2012)
“Like Someone in Love offers its most complete pleasures as a quietly pristine showcase for Kiarostami's undiminished craft.” - Variety ... A young escort named Akiko (Rin Takanashi), disenchante… Read more

Lois (Alexandra Schepisi, 2012)
Provoked by the contents of a mysterious letter, Lois (Jacki Weaver) takes to the sea to address some unfinished business. ... Lois is the latest film by Alexandra Schepisi, director of One Night (MI… Read more

LOVELACE (Jeffery Friedman,Rob Epstein, 2012)
"The lurid celebrity and sordid aftermath of the brief career of the world's first porn star is vividly, if not explicitly, etched in Lovelace." - Hollywood Reporter ... Raised in a strict religious … Read more

LUNARCY (Simon Ennis, 2012)
"Eventually there has to be one person who is the first ever to leave the planet Earth with no intention of ever returning. I realised there was no reason I shouldn't be that person." - Christopher C… Read more

MACARONI CHEESE (Sophie Letourneur, 2012)
Movies, men and mischievous film festival behaviour, Girls-style. ... With $40,000, a camera, comedic script and cast of friends, burgeoning French auteur Sophie Letourneur (Chicks (Life at the Ranch… Read more

MAKE HUMMUS NOT WAR (Trevor Graham, 2012)
The world premiere of a film about love, war, sex, politics… and chickpeas. ... Could a regional love of hummus be the recipe for peace in the Middle East? This was the question on director Tr… Read more

Man on Earth (Yianni Warnock, 2012)
Man's greatest challenge is how to deal with loneliness. Will a pet help? Or is laughter the cure? Yianni Warnock (Playpals, MIFF 2012) returns with another off-kilter portrayal of male angst. ... Wo… Read more

MAORI BOY GENIUS (Pietra Brettkelly, 2012)
“Pietra Brettkelly may well be profiling New Zealand's future Prime Minister.” - Variety ... In Maori Boy Genius Pietra Brettkelly (The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins, MIFF 08) explores the life… Read more

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