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Stare into the eyes of a performance art icon. ... Seductive, fearless and outrageous, Marina Abramović has been challenging the definition of art for four decades. Marina Abramović: The Artist is … Read more

MARVIN SETH AND STANLEY (Stephen Gurewitz, 2012)
Meshuggeneh in Minnesota. A father and sons fishing trip. A subtly sharp film about family and frustration. ... Marvin, the classic grumpy old man (played with understated heart by Marvin Gurewitz), … Read more

Matriarche (Guillaume Pierret, 2012)
During jail visiting hours, a mother and her son discuss a bank robbery gone wrong. Flashbacks reveal the explosive violence and high-octane car chase that ensured. ... D Guillaume Pierret P Nabil Kh… Read more

MENTAL (P.J. Hogan, 2012)
The Moochmore girls are certain they all suffer from some kind of undiagnosed mental illness - because if they're not crazy then they're just unpopular. ... Their mother, Shirley - unable to cope wit… Read more

Mercy (Eliza Subotowicz, 2012)
A young, broke mother visits a church with her daughter to seek help from the parish priest. But her unexpected visit sparks conflict over an unresolved past. ... D/S Eliza Subotowicz P Ewa Jastrz?bs… Read more

MERCY (Matthias Glasner, 2012)
Guilt and redemption under the northern lights. ... A German couple, Niels and Maria, and their teenage son Markus move to the Norwegian coastal town of Hammerfest, hoping for a new beginning in the … Read more

MINE GAMES (Richard Gray, 2012)
Deliverance meets Memento. ... Local filmmaker Richard Gray takes a sharp stylistic turn from his debut character drama, Summer Coda (MIFF 10), with a smart möbius strip of a thriller that twists an… Read more

MISS LOVELY (Ashim Ahluwalia, 2012)
“Bollywood meets Boogie Nights.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Ashim Ahluwalia (John and Jane) turns a planned documentary project into fiction with this unique specimen of Hindi-language filmmaking, … Read more

MODEST RECEPTION (Mani Haghighi, 2012)
"Starts as a top-notch black comedy, and segues into something darker still and very serious, without ever missing a beat." - FilmInk ... Filmmaker Mani Haghighi (Men At Work, MIFF 07) fills the mult… Read more

MOON MAN (Stephan Schesch, 2012)
An enchantingly quirky animation based on the bestselling children's classic. ... Adapted from Tomi Ungerer's 1967 children's picture book of the same name, Moon Man follows the adventures of its tit… Read more

MOSQUITA Y MARI (Aurora Guerrero, 2012)
In the Mexican immigrant community of Huntington Park, miles and more away from the gleaming centre of Los Angeles, 15-year-olds Yolanda and Mari fall into an unlikely friendship. ... Yolanda is the … Read more

MUSEUM HOURS (Jem Cohen, 2012)
"Effectively applies Cohen's existing strengths to a familiar scenario and rejuvenates it by delivering a powerfully contemplative look at the transformative ability of all art." - Indiewire ... Cele… Read more

My Holy Gaze (Álvaro Aponte-Centeno, 2012)
The most important things in Samy's life are his younger brother and his horse. Tired of being a drug trafficking subordinate, he decides to betray his boss Papo. Selected for competition at Cannes. … Read more

“A rags-to-rogues crimer whose finely chiseled portraits of greed, self-preservation and depravity are buttressed by powerhouse performances.” - Variety ... Set in the 1980s around President Roh … Read more

NEIGHBOURING SOUNDS (Kleber Mendonça Filho, 2012)
“Superbly constructed, skillfully acted and beautifully lensed... That Filho can juggle so many important issues without being heavyhanded or dropping even one speaks volumes about his strengths as… Read more

Night Shift (Zia Mandviwalla, 2012)
Salote does the night shift as an airport cleaner, picking up what others have left behind in order to survive. This latest film by MIFF Accelerator alumni Zia Mandviwalla (Amadi, 2010) screened in c… Read more

NINA (Elisa Fuksas, 2012)
"Beautifully shot and winsomely appealing … Nina is an artfully elegant and sweetly playful film." – Screen ... It's August and Rome's citizens are deserting the city for cooler cli… Read more

NO (Pablo Larrain, 2012)
“An absorbing account of one country's unlikely route from oppression to democracy.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Revolving around Chile's 1988 referendum on the Pinochet regime, this brilliant behin… Read more

NOBODY S DAUGHTER HAEWON (Hong Sang-soo, 2012)
"The New Wave is still alive and kicking in Korea … judging by Hong Sang-soo's latest contribution." - Screen Daily ... Many MIFF-goers will be familiar with the work of Hong Sang-soo (most re… Read more

NORMAL SCHOOL (Celina Murga, 2012)
“Filmmaker Celina Murga applies her sensitive, observant perspective on young people's behavior and thoughts to her superb foray into nonfiction.” - Variety ... This Wiseman-esque portrait of a t… Read more

Observer, The (Julian Shaw, 2012)
A portrait of documentary filmmaker Bob Connolly (Rats in the Ranks, MIFF 1996), from former Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year Julian Shaw. ... D/P Julian Shaw TD HD Cam/2012 ... Read more

OH BOY (Jan-Ole Gerster, 2012)
"With its put-upon protagonist, black-and-white cityscape and snappy soundtrack of New Orleans-style jazz, the comedy Oh Boy inescapably brings to mind vintage Woody Allen." - Hollywood Reporter ... … Read more

ON THE ROAD (Walter Salles, 2012)
“A beautiful and respectful adaptation of Jack Kerouac's landmark novel.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Director Walter Salles (Central Station, The Motorcycle Diaries) successfully takes on a project… Read more

ONLY THE YOUNG (Elizabeth Mims, Jason Tippet, 2012)
Friendship, first love and faith plus homelessness is showcased in this special coming-of-age documentary. ... Best friends Kevin and Garrison spend their days skating and listening to punk music, se… Read more

Operation Free Lunch (, 2012)
With Operation Free Lunch, director Lixin Fan (a guest of the festival this year) looks at the impact of social media as a force for good in China. ... Lixin's debut feature documentary Last Train Ho… Read more

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