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2 AUTUMNS 3 WINTERS (Sébastien Betbeder, 2013)
Three friends and two catastrophes collide in this playful, stylish outing from one of the vanguard of fresh new Gallic filmmaking. ... Best friends Arman and Benjamin are thirty-something, single an… Read more

3X3D (Edgar Pêra, Jean-Luc Godard,Peter Greenaway, 2013)
"One of 2013's most thrillingly virtuoso filmmaking achievements." – Hollywood Reporter ... The closing night film of the 2013 Cannes Critics' Week is actually three films in one: a tripty… Read more

99 THE OCCUPY WALL STREET COLLABORATIVE FILM (Aaron Aites,Audrey Ewell,Lucian Read,Nina Krstic, 2013)
"Possesses energy, passion … cataloguing the financial crimes, police misconduct, economic disparity and constitutional crises of the past several years makes for an emotional experience."&nbs… Read more

AIM HIGH IN CREATION (Anna Broinowski, 2013)
Aim High in Creation! is a revolutionary comedy about the cinematic genius of North Korea's late dear leader, Kim Jong-il, with a groundbreaking experiment at its heart: the making of a film-within-a… Read more

AIN T MISBEHAVIN (Marcel Ophüls, 2013)
"A lively and somewhat self-effacing portrait of an artist whose work is anything but forgettable." – Hollywood Reporter ... Award-winning filmmaker Marcel Ophüls returns after 18 yea… Read more

AIN T THEM BODIES SAINTS (David Lowery, 2013)
"Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a wholly engrossing and impressive piece of work that the movie world will be talking about all year long." - The Playlist ... Outlaw couple Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) a… Read more

BASTARDS (Claire Denis, 2013)
"Denis is at the height of her powers ... unfaltering control, superb manipulation of mood and masterful use of music." - Hollywood Reporter ... When wealthy patriarch Jacques commits suicide in susp… Read more

"The best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced." - Dr John ... A run-in with a jukebox in New Orleans was all director Lily Keber needed to know that James Booker wa… Read more

Beat (Aneil Karia, 2013)
Ben Whishaw stars as a young man walking a thin line between euphoria and hopelessness, whose compulsive and erratic dancing to music that only he can hear makes him both vulnerable and threatening. … Read more

BENDS (Flora Lau, 2013)
"[Flora] Lau has crafted a drama that's both visually and emotionally lovely." - Screen Daily ... Anna is a stylish Hong Kong housewife who has just been abandoned by her wealthy husband; Fai, her ch… Read more

BIG NAME NO BLANKET (Steven McGregor, 2013)
The fans knew him as the "black Mick Jagger". His band kick-started Aboriginal rock, releasing the first ever Aboriginal-language rock songs in the mainstream. His name was George Rrurrambu and this … Read more

BLACKFISH (Gabriela Cowperthwaite, 2013)
"A mesmerizing psychological thriller with a bruised and battered killer whale at its center." – Variety ... In 2010, the orca Tilikum killed one of his Sea World trainers. It was the thir… Read more

BLUE RUIN (Jeremy Saulnier, 2013)
"A darkly comic send-up of revenge movies." – Hollywood Reporter ... Dwight is a vagrant living in the empty beach houses of the wealthy when he gets word that a man from his past is being… Read more

Boles (Spela Cadez, 2013)
Based on a short story by Russian playwright Maxim Gorky, Boles is a stop-motion animation about an author suffering writer's block. When his neighbour asks him to write a letter for her fiancé… Read more

Butter Lamp (Hu Wei, 2013)
A travelling photographer and his assistant take photos of Tibetan nomads in front of various backgrounds, with a variety of props, chronicling a changing Tibetan culture. ... D/S Hu Wei P Julien F&e… Read more

CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915 (Bruno Dumont, 2013)
"An unsettling portrait of the artist as a mad woman, anchored by a riveting lead performance." - Hollywood Reporter ... In 1915, French sculptor Camille Claudel had been confined against her will in… Read more

Captain, The (Nash Edgerton,Spencer Susser, 2013)
Taika Waititi (Boy, MIFF10) plays a hungover plane captain who wakes up to discover he's done a very bad thing in the latest film directed by Nash Edgerton (Spider, MIFF 07) and Spencer Susser (I … Read more

CHEAP THRILLS (E L Katz, 2013)
"Playing like the mutant offspring of Harold Pinter and Quentin Tarantino, yet fueled by its own distinctive strain of darkly comic misanthropy [Cheap Thrills is] capable of eliciting gasps of shock … Read more

CHILD S POSE (Calin Peter Netzer, 2013)
Winner of the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival. ... When dissatisfied, well-to-do Cornelia finds out her 34-year-old son, Barbu, has struck and killed a young child in a car… Read more

CLOSED CURTAIN (Jafar Panahi,Kamboziya Partovi, 2013)
"The very fact that this film exists is cause for celebration: it's the second time, after This Is Not A Film, that Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has managed to defy the 20-year-filmmaking ban impos… Read more

Cobbers (Genevieve Bailey, 2013)
I Am Eleven (MIFF 2011) director Genevieve Bailey returns with this heart-warming story of 87-year-old June, who spends 12 hours a day on Facebook tending her internet farms while she waits for her w… Read more

COMPUTER CHESS (Andrew Bujalski, 2013)
"In a way that very few films have ever managed, Computer Chess is truly playful … it seems to constantly respond with surprising and inventive moves to every perspective that it's viewed from… Read more

CONGRESS, The (Ari Folman, 2013)
The only way Robin Wright can succeed in Hollywood's technicolour cesspit is to sell herself... literally. ... Ari Folman's follow-up to the heartrending rotoscoped war meditation Waltz With Bashir (… Read more

CONTINENTAL (Malcolm Ingram, 2013)
"If there's ever a documentary that made me wish I had a time machine…" - Indiewire ... It was a setting styled for Roman nobility, established in a city surging with energy, which nurtured th… Read more

They were adopted by grunge nobility, but the main reason Cosmic Psychos frontman Ross Knight wore the flannel shirt was because he's a farmer. ... Commercial and music video director (and musician h… Read more

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