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A new banking package for the under 21's. ... Read more
He is an obsessed collector of butterflies. He spots the very last specimen needed to complete his collection, and the pursuit begins ... ... Read more
“It's no exaggeration to say that Colossal Youth was the single most divisive film at Cannes in 2006.” - LA Weekly ... Mining material from his films Bones and In Vanda's Room, filmmaker Pedro Costa revisits the Cape Verdean slums of Lisbon to create this cascading semi-documentary whittled ... Read more
Colter's Hell could be in outer space but it is actually in Yellowstone National Park, USA. It was discovered by a man called Colter, who said he had discovered Hell. ... Golden Bear, Berlin Film Festival 1973. 1st Prize, San Francisco Film Festival. Gold Medal, New York Film and TV Festival. ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
MIFF turns 60 this year - join a discussion of how the changing nature of film, and the changing nature of audiences may change what film festivals mean for festival organisers, filmmakers and cinephiles alike. What might film festivals of the future look like? Moderated by Paul Harris (St Kilda ... Read more
A selection of short films featuring state of the art computer animation. Titles include The Third Millennium - A User's Guide (Canada), In The Time Of Angels (UK) and The Infinite Tree (Australia) (approx 40mins). ... Read more
Reviews some of the work of the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, whose experiments with conditioned reflexes paved the way to a better understanding of human and animal behaviour. Demonstrates difference between instinct and reflex condition. ... Read more
A man wakes up, goes to work in a photocopy shop, and copies a series of pictures-of a man who wakes up and goes to work at a photocopy shop. ... Read more
Since 2005, the National Film and Sound Archive has been actively restoring some of the surviving 135 films screened by the Corrick Family of entertainers, part of a vaudeville act that toured Australia, NZ and Asia between 1901 and 1914. ... This first batch of 11 titles includes the Pathé ... Read more
Dennis O'Rourke's challenging film on the politics of the land-rights campaign in Queensland Coupled with this story is the devastation caused by alcohol to the Aboriginal community. The film is narrated in the first person by Mick Miller, Chairman of the Queensland Land Council, who travelled with ... Read more
Coup de grace is set in an unnamed Baltic State, in 1919 After the Russian Revolution, the defeated Germans sent volunteer troops to join the Expeditionary Forces fighting the revolutionaries At that time, many German nationals lived in Baltic countries, where German Communists fought alongside ... Read more
Living in disguise, a crocodile inhabits our human world. One day, the crocodile is invited to a masquerade party... --- D/P/S/WS Yeo Lee Nah TD 35mm/col/2004/7mins ... Read more
Variations by three Flemish artists on the Crucifixion theme. Commentary from King James' Bible with musical arrangement of Verdi's "Requiem" and Bach's "Unaccompanied Cello". Paintings include "Christ Carrying the Cross" by the Master of the Turin Adoration (1490-1510), "Christ on the Cross and ... Read more
The Curse is a Yirritja story that is told in Mialli language in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. An old woman nurses her sick son while her baby grandson sleeps. The son is ill because he has been cursed by a witchdoctor. ... --- ... D Luke Jurevicius S Pamela Weston (Ngaritjan) & ... Read more
Born in Singapore in 1976, Royston Tan has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker and its latest cult icon. Stemming from a music video-making background, Tan has collected over 26 international and local awards for his shorts, documentaries and two feature-length films, 15 and ... Read more
How Danish furniture is designed, what the artist looks for, the result, and its eventual use. ... Read more
A tribute to the filmmaker's father, focusing on three objects: two so well used their original forms and functions are almost completely obscured; the third seemingly recognisable but full of surprises. ... D/P/S John Smith WS LUX TD DCP/2012 ... Read more
A programme of short films curated exclusively for MIFF by Bahman Ghobadi complements the Homelands Now spotlight. It is an eclectic selection from one of the least-known filmmaking cultures in the world. These shorts are not only diverse and stylistically adventurous, but provide a rare glimpse ... Read more
Fathers seen through the eyes of their daughters: six women imitate their dads' dancing. ... ---D/P Gideon Obarzanek & Edwina Throsby WS Chunky Move & Chequerboard Productions TD col/200X/10mins ... Read more
An abstract illustration of Grieg's famous Norwegian Dance. ... Read more
Presented by MIFF Accelerator in cooperation with Australian Screen Editors (Victoria), this masterclass by Dany Cooper explores the art and secrets of film editing. Dany Cooper is one of Australia's most in-demand editors; her editing credits include The Sapphires (this year's MIFF Opening Night ... Read more
Daniel (Jakob Cedergren) is a charming slacker, trying to make ends meet through graffiti. When he's not scrawling the names of young women on blank walls for their erstwhile lovers, or tagging for his own pleasure, he's tooling around the streets of Copenhagen in his Fiat 500. In the true spirit ... Read more
Events of a day in the life of a beautiful German lake &ndash: Chiemsee. The face of the water changing with the play of the elements, the boats, people on the shore, the old buildings. ... Read more
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