What Members are saying about MIFF Membership

MIFF Members are a special bunch.
Here's some who have told us why they love being a MIFF Member.

“Anyone who ravenously devours 100 screenings a year at every MIFF celebration and then raves about them deserves one. I am such a person.”
– Bob Pelekanakis
“I have become hopelessly addicted to the horizon of ideas in all art forms and MIFF membership helps me feed this delicious illness."
Brian Boyce  
“I am a lover of cinema but I would struggle to see many films without the support of my very valuable MIFF Membership. I attend monthly member screenings and always get in early to reserve a seat for the hottest films of MIFF!”
Jack Doherty
"A hustle and bustle, thought provoking, belly-laughing, multicultural, tear-jerking kind of place – that's MIFF for me. As a MIFF member I get the best of it!"
Kate MacDonald    

“Free monthly screenings of wonderful films that Australia has yet to see, incredible competitions and prizes, a festival full soul and vibrancy, and the BEST fellow members of any group I've ever been a part of! Bless you MIFF.”
– Katharine Innes

“Being a MIFF member allows me to be part of a community of like-minded film buffs. The many benefits and advanced screenings held throughout the year make membership a must-have for filmgoers. Skipping the long queues and booking films in advance during the festival is icing on the cake.”
Myron My
"I have been attending MIFF since 1965 and I enjoy the opportunity to see many modern and postmodern classics before general release."
Robert Hart