My Sweet Pepper Land

Iraqi Kurdistan/France/Germany (dir. Hiner Saleem)

“Kurdish cinema has come into its own ... [A] delightful, poker-faced takeoff on the cowboy movie set on the Iraq-Turkish border.” – Hollywood Reporter

Baran is a hero. Or was – ever since Saddam fell, the Kurdish army has fallen apart. Becoming police chief in a remote border town, he is determined to bring order to the place and stand up to outlaw leader Aziz’s self-imposed ‘justice’. But when he meets defiantly independent schoolteacher Govend he not only finds something to fight for, but something that may destroy him whole.

A finely tuned drama with a humorous edge, My Sweet Pepper Land is the latest work from legend of Kurdish cinema, Hiner Saleem. Playful and provocative, it’s also a warm, witty lampooning of the John Wayne Western from a corner of the world where the Wild West still exists.

© Melbourne International Film Festival 2013.

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