Nothing Bad Can Happen

Germany (dir. Katrin Gebbe)

“By comparison, Funny Games looks like a teddy bear’s picnic.” – Screen Daily

Fed up with the religious establishment, a vulnerable Tore comes to Hamburg to join Christian punk movement the Jesus Freaks. Following a chance meeting where he miraculously fixes Benno’s car, Tore soon moves in with this stranger’s family. But a cruel Benno begins to push the young itinerant’s faith through an escalating series of abusive acts.

Savage and uncompromising, Nothing Bad Can Happen was one of the most divisive films to screen at Cannes this year. This window to humanity’s darkness combines assured direction, cinematography and score to deliver a harrowing tale of psychosexual sadism that builds to a shocking finale.

“A robust and compelling first feature, deftly shot and ably acted, especially by its younger cast members.” – Hollywood Reporter


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