Acclaimed TV director Michael Pearce makes his feature debut in the sly, unsettling Beast, a love story wrapped in an intriguing psychosexual thriller and anchored by extraordinary performances from its leading cast.

On the tiny, windswept island of Jersey, a serial killer is preying on young women. As tension rises in the close-knit community, troubled Moll wrestles with a cruel, claustrophobic family life and a dispiriting job as a tour-bus driver. But there are secrets buried deep in her past, and when Pascal – the dangerous newcomer she’s dating – becomes the leading suspect in the murders, Moll will be forced to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice in order to protect him.

A taut psychological drama that revels in the raw, forbidding atmospherics of its windswept setting, Beast is British crime drama of the highest order, sure to leave you on-edge and double-guessing until the credits roll.

"A masterclass in slow-burn chills … draws haunting drama from a creepy location and an array of plausibly shady characters." – Guardian (UK)

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