Mani Haghighi’s latest is a riotous Iranian film industry satire about a serial killer beheading famous filmmakers and a director who’s outraged he hasn’t been targeted!

Hasan is a blacklisted film director with a chip on his shoulder and a curious dilemma: all of his Iranian contemporaries are being picked off by a murderer, who’s beheading them and carving the word "pig" onto their decapitated skulls – so why isn’t Hasan on the list?

Irreverent Iranian director Mani Haghighi (A Dragon Arrives!, MIFF 2016; Modest Reception, MIFF 2012; Men At Work, MIFF 2006) works his meta-comedy magic in this hilariously weird look at the narcissism of bitter, self-anointed creative geniuses, while generously poking fun at social media, public relations, and Iran’s filmmaker blacklisting in the process.

"This blizzard of oddity marks Haghighi out as the joker in the Iranian auteur pack, and every gang needs a wildcard." – Variety

Contains strobe lighting effects

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