The Selfish Giant

UK (dir. Clio Barnard)

“A jaggedly moving study of a feral adolescent on a rough journey to grace.” – Variety

Against the grim backdrop of a Bradford housing estate, two wayward teenagers – the volatile Arbor and his softly spoken friend, Swifty – begin “scrapping” for a metal dealer when they are expelled from school. Drawn into an underworld of theft, violence and illegal racing, Arbor and Swifty must decide what it means to be a man in a world that wants to forget you exist.

Writer/director Clio Barnard’s follow-up to her BAFTA-nominated The Arbor is a powerful and tragic reinvention of the eponymous Oscar Wilde fable. Marrying the social realism of Ken Loach to a black humour very much her own, The Selfish Giant is a bold statement from a filmmaker establishing herself as one of Britain’s finest storytellers.

© Melbourne International Film Festival 2013.

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