Tip Top

France (dir. Serge Bozon)

"An utterly brazen mix of screwball comedy, film noir and sharp social commentary" – Variety

After a low-level informant turns up dead in northern France, Internal Affairs dispatches ham-fisted detective duo Lafarge (Isabelle Huppert) and Marinelli (Sandrine Kiberlain) to try and find out who might have killed him. But the city is an unwelcoming powder keg of racial tension and the strange sexual proclivities of both women could be about to destroy the entire investigation.

A murder mystery turned psychosexual comedy, writer/director Serge Bozon’s (La France, MIFF 2008) second feature proves why he’s one of the most fascinating directors working in Europe today. Boosted by a superb turn from Huppert, Tip Top is a winningly farcical riff on corruption, race and the sometimes-high price of a touch of S&M.

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