MIFF Shorts to Watch from Home

MIFF Shorts to Watch from Home

Is your attention span not what it used to be? Enjoy these expert recommendations of past MIFF shorts you can stream now for free, from Programmer Mia Falstein-Rush.

All These Creatures 

13 Mins | Fiction | MIFF 2018

Director: Charles Williams
Producers: Elise Trenorden, Charles Williams

An adolescent boy ventures into childhood memories of his spiralling father and the curious infestation that crept into both house and garden.

Winner of the Film Victoria Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film.

Asian Girls

6mins | Fiction | MIFF 2018

Director: Hyun Lee
Producers: Hannah-Florence Macgregor

An unassuming Chinese factory worker finds a way to make her sophisticated Japanese neighbour disappear from her horrific nightmares.

Features the acting debut of Hong Kong-Australian pop musician Rainbow Chan.


8mins | Fiction | MIFF 2018

Director: Shelly Lauman
Producer: Lizzie Cater

A casual gesture of friendliness quickly spirals into a paralysing moment for a woman on a train.


15mins | Fiction | MIFF 2018

Director: Lara Köse
Producer: Stephanie Westwood

Kaya is an outsider even in her orphanage. When she encounters a clandestine group, aspects of her identity come into focus and something powerful happens within.

Lost & Found

8mins | Animation | MIFF 2018

Director: Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe
Producer: Lucy J. Hayes

A green dinosaur makes a heart-stopping attempt to save its one true love.

Lost Rambos

22mins | Documentary | MIFF 2019

Director: Chris Phillips
Producers: Kiki Dillon, Michaela Perske

The influence of Sylvester Stallone reaches far and wide in the Papua New Guinean highlands.

Nursery Rhymes

5mins | Fiction | MIFF 2018

Director:  Tom Noakes
Producer: Lucy Gaffy

Why is a cold, half-naked man singing Old MacDonald on the side of the highway?

Out of Range

13mins | Fiction | MIFF 2019

Out Of Range

Director: John Harvey
Producer: Lydia Fairhall

Eager to impress his estranged son, a father is forced to slow down when their road trip is suddenly interrupted.

MIFF Accelerator alumni John Harvey (Water, MIFF 2018) reels you in once more with this charming tale of kinship and country.

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