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The Kids

Dir. Eddie Martin

Australia – 2021

Featured in MIFF2021

The Macaluso Sisters

Dir. Emma Dante

Italy – 2020

Featured in MIFF2021


Dir. Eric Valette

France – 2017

Featured in MIFF2017 , International,Europe

The Timeless Track

Dir. Roland Eisenmenger

West Germany – 1967

Featured in MIFF1968 , Programme 32

A Turnip Head's Guide to Alan Parker

Dir. Arthur Ellis

UK – 1986

Featured in MIFF1987

Waves 98

Dir. Ely Dagher

Lebanon – 2015

Featured in MIFF2015 , Package Short

When the Dogs Talked

Dir. Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Australia – 2014

Featured in MIFF2015 , Australian Showcase

Windjarrameru The Stealing C nt

Dir. Elizabeth A. Povinelli

Australia,USA – 2015

Featured in MIFF2015 , Australian Showcase

The Wordy Rappinghood

Dir. Nicholas Elliot

Australia – 1986

Featured in MIFF1987 , Super 8

The Wounding

Dir. Susan Emerling

USA – 1990

Featured in MIFF1991 , Fiction

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