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"Visually stunning, vividly emotional." - Variety

From award-winning director Reha Erdem (Kosmos, MIFF 2010; Times and Winds, MIFF 2007) comes Jîn, the story of a young Kurdish rebel who breaks away to find life and solace in the wilderness.

By moonlight, 17-year-old Jîn abandons the guerilla group she has joined up with in search of a civil world. As she treks through the Turkish forest dodging bullets and dangerous men, her otherworldly encounters with animals give her strength and hope.

Entrancing, contemplative and often utterly brutal, Jîn depicts the fragility of nature punctured by the ravages of war. With an outstanding performance from newcomer Deniz Hasgüler, sparse dialogue and sweeping panoramic visions from Erdem's longtime collaborator Florent Herry, Jîn is a vivid cinematic experience.

D/S Reha Erdem P Omer Atay WS Atlantik Film L Turkish, Kurdish w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013