USA (MIFF 2004 , Mooks Backbeat Music on Film)

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster USA

Addiction, creative collapse, vicious arguments, emotional highs and personal lows, this phenomenal account of the life and times of one of the highest profile bands on the planet will rock the festival to the tune of 'The devil's music'.

The formidable skills of filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky raise Some Kind of Monster to legendary rockumentary status. The pair, who met and collaborated with Metallica on the chilling, two-part child murder documentary, Paradise Lost, were given total access to the band. 'Total access' is a much overused term, but in this case being a fly on the wall at Metallica therapy sessions, throughout raging fights and the entire studio process, delivers on a big promise.

The film ties together three strands: an historical overview of the band's entire career (complete with the rarest of early footage); the friction that ended in disaster during the making of latest release St. Anger; and the utterly bizarre sessions with 'performance enhancement coach'/shrink, Dr. Phil Towle. Dr. Phil stays on board for nearly two years at a hefty US$10,000 a week while the band transforms into an entity that would make Spinal Tap gasp. Unbelievable ego antics, skull-crushing music!

Joe Berlinger is a guest of the Festival.

D/P Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky WS Films Transit International TD 35mm/Col/2003/139mins

Joe Berlinger was born in 1961. Films include: Brother's Keeper (MIFF 1992, co-dir), Paradise Lost: the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (MIFF 1996, co-dir).

Bruce Sinofsky was born in Boston, USA in 1956. Films include: Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (MIFF 2001, co-dir), One Who Day (2002, co-dir).

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