TOM WHITE (2004) [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2004 , Australian Showcase)
Director: Alkinos Tsilimidos

Tom White Australia

Life for Tom White (Colin Friels) isn't going too well. Signs of a physical breakdown are evident; his hands begin to shake and he cannot remember being fired from a project in the architecture firm where he works. 'Perhaps it is time for a vacation', his superiors suggest. Going to the pub for solace, Tom encounters some workmates, but quickly finds himself in an altercation and abruptly leaves. Instead of going home to his wife (Rachel Blake, Perfect Strangers, MIFF 2003) and kids, or even informing them of his whereabouts, Tom drifts aimlessly around Melbourne, encountering a mixed bag of no-hopers and outcasts: young gay hustler Matt (Dan Spielman), with whom he briefly shares a house; owner of a Luna Park shooting gallery, Christine (Loene Carmen); Christine's menacing dealer boyfriend (David Field); ex-junkie Malcolm (Bill Hunter), a larger-than-life homeless man; and Jet (Jarryd Jinks), a young kid whose family life paints a disturbing domestic portrait.

Enjoying its World Premiere at MIFF, this latest film from director Alkinos Tsilimidos and playwright Daniel Keene echoes their tragi-comedy Silent Partner (MIFF 2001) in its depiction of displaced people surviving on the fringes of society. Gritty and rough around the edges, Tom White is spearheaded by Colin Friels' 'passionately committed, let-it-all-hang-out performance.' -Variety

Alkinos Tsilimidos, Daniel Keene, Daniel Scharf, Colin Friels, Loene Carmen, David Field and Jarryd Jinks are guests of the Festival.

D Alkinos Tsilimidos P Daniel Scharf, Alkinos Tsilimidos S Daniel Keene WS Cinemavault TD 35mm/Col/2004/106mins

Alkinos Tsilimidos was born in Melbourne in 1966. Films include: Everynight' Everynight (MIFF 1994), Silent Partner (MIFF 2001).

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