Trains, The [short]

Japan (MIFF 2005 , experimental)
Director: Hirata Takahiro

MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by Image Forum, Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles.

* [The Trains] (Hirata Takahiro, 8 mins) is a rhythmic rendition of [Kaerunoouta] (Frog song), created by the passing of trains.
* [Grainy Days] (Oki Chieko, 19 mins) is the story of a young girl working in a soybean factory, wishing she could fly. Using freeze-frames and dissolves,
* [Z Reactor] (Goshima Kazuhiro, 11 mins) rebuilds an image of an ever-growing Tokyo. A representation of the two directors' dreams,
* [10 Nights' Dreams] (Tanaami Keiichi and Aihara Nobuhiro, 8 mins) is based on themes of drunkenness and nighttime.
* [Textism] (Hirabayashi Isamu, 11 mins) is a wry take on three stories in the artist's memento mori. The beautifully crafted
* [Blooming Ink Tale] (Onitsuka Kentaro, 10 mins) is created by painstakingly re-painting a white room, which tells the story of lovers' fantasies in 'human prints'.
D as indicated WS Image Forum L Japanese w/English subtitles TD video, 16mm/col/2003-04/67mins

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