powerpoint 05 [package]

(MIFF 2005 , Powerpoint 05: Digital Shorts)

[Powerpoint 05] presents a selection of the latest award-winning digital short films from around the world.
[Rubber Johnny] (UK, 7 mins) from the infamous Chris Cunningham, with a soundtrack by Aphex Twin. A disturbing short film tells of Johnny, a hyperactive, shape-shifting mutant child kept locked in a basement. [Jona/Tomberry] (The Netherlands, 12 mins) won the Canal + Prize for Best Short Film at Cannes, 2005. A Borges-meets-Murnau mixed-media animation. In [The Mysterious Geographical Explorations of Jasper Morello] (Australia, 26 mins), Melbourne's Anthony Lucas tells a wonderful Gothic travel tale set against beautiful collaged photographic backgrounds. [Gopher Broke] (USA, 4 mins), an Oscar-nominated story of one very hungry gopher. [Echo] (USA, 17 mins) evokes Pasolini's Oedipus Rex in its portrayal of the starkness and emotional brutality of mythical Greece. With Keanu Reeves as Narcissus![Reverie sans Frontiers] (Australia, 6 mins) is based on thoughts shared between a detained refugee and the filmmaker, Lushin Tan. [Seventeen] (The Netherlands, 12 mins) tells of a young roofer whose desires for a neighbourhood girl fall flat. [UNmarked] (Australia, 5 mins) follows the story of a misprinted paper girl, struggling to find acceptance.
TD 35mm, video/col/2003-05/85mins

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