THE WORLD (2004) [feature]

China (MIFF 2005 , Horizons: New Chinese Cinema)
Director: Zhang Ke Jia

The World is the first film of Jia Zhang-ke - MIFF filmmaker in focus - made with the tacit approval of the authorities. It is also his first film to be released in China. The World is set in World Park, a Beijing simulacra of must-see sights, where one can do a whistle-stop tour of the globe. Here the young dancer Tao lives out her dreams, performing daily with her friends for the pleasure of the leisure seekers. Their everyday lives are a finely tuned choreography of changing personal relationships, where love is won, questioned and lost, and romance is used as a tool for realising personal ambitions. These very real personal dramas are set against the surreal world of the theme park, something of a metaphor for globalisation and the troubling aspects of a speedily changing world. Amid the opportunities and dreams of the rapidly urbanising 'new China', communication crumbles, isolation flourishes, dreams are dashed and a character such as migrant labourer Erxiao is only ever a casualty of this changing social world. --- D/S Jia Zhang-ke WS Celluloid Dreams L Chinese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/ col/2004/133mins Jia Zhang-ke was born in Fenyang, China, in 1970.

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