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Skateboarders Rick Charnoski and Coan 'Buddy Nichols met in 1999 and immediately merged their mutual love for skating and 8mm film into he short feature Fruit of the Vine. As Charnoski says, "We decided to make skate movies in Super 8 and tell stories instead of trick-trick-trick." After recouping their money invested in Fruit of The Vine, Rick and Buddy were encouraged to make more. Today, their film tally adds up to seven and they recently moved their organisation, NCPFilms from New York to Los Angeles. As friend and occasional collaborator Jocko Weyland says of the the two, "(They're) interesting examples of intellectual curiosity, talent and hard work co-existing with total fun-loving, skate trog crustiness".

Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols are guests of the festival and will introduce SUPER SK8mm + MIXED CHEESE BITS PROG 2 on Sunday 30 July, 3pm at ACMI.