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“The best Korean gangster movie since Friend.” - Variety “Since I've got my foot into this world… might as well go all the way…” Second-in-rank Byung-doo is a gangster stuck between his overbearing boss and younger criminals, each as aggressive and ambitious as the next and ever ready to take his place. Caring for his siblings and a sick mother, he swings between his real family and his criminal one, the load of each weighing him down until an opportunity arises to change everything. Violent, mud-splattered and unrelenting, A Dirty Carnival scavenges through the human desires and family loyalties that exist even in the shadiest realms of society. As Byung-doo muses, “What is a family… It's a mouth that eats from the same table.”

D/S Yoo Ha P Tcha Sung-jai, Kim Mi-hee Dist Madman L Korean w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/141mins