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Breathtaking in their beauty, the free-spirited and surreal animation work of Koji Yamamura has garnered much acclaim throughout the world, including a number of retrospective screenings and a nomination for an Oscar (Mt. Head). This collection of shorts represents a vivid slice of Yamamura's world where alligators need haircuts and books give birth to real-life things (not in running order): Mt. Head (10 mins) Jubilee (music clip, 5 mins) Mr. Rib Globe (1 min)* Aquatic (5 mins)* Japanese-English Pictionary (12 mins)* Perspektivenbox (4 mins)* Fig (4 mins)* The Old Crocodile (13 mins) Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor (21 mins) Karo & Piyobupt - A House (4 mins)* Karo & Piyobupt - The Sandwiches (4 mins)* Karo & Piyobupt - Imagination (4 mins)* Kipling Jr. (15 mins) Kid's Castle (5 mins)* Bavel's Book (5 mins) Your Choice! (10 mins) *no dialogue


D/S Koji Yamamura P Yamamura Animation Inc. WS Shochiku Co. Ltd L Japanese w/English subtitles & silent TD 35mm&betaSP/various/122mins