TIMES AND WINDS (2006) [feature]

Turkey (MIFF 2007 , Jaguar International Panorama)
Director: Reha Erdem

“Every encounter causes a new pain, the pain of growing up, of maturing, of getting old. This is the tragedy.” - filmmaker Reha Erdem Omer wants his dad dead. Yakup is in love with his teacher and, once he spies his dad eyeing her, wants his dad dead too. Yildiz is brought to tears by the secret lives of men and women. Times and Winds almost obsessively follows the ebbs and flows of life, the earth, air and water, the night and day, and the seasons. Three adolescents - Omer, Yakup and Yildiz - move to the rhythmic beat of the same drum, away from childhood and into maturity. “A hypnotic portrait of village life - largely through the eyes of three youngsters - that packs a poetic-spiritual punch way beyond its placid surface.” - Variety


D/S Reha Erdem P Omer Atay WS Atlantik Film L Turkish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/110mins

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