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“Only the most insatiable Oliver Twist will end up holding out his bowl for more gore.” - The Guardian.

Pitched as ‘The Office meets Deliverance', writer/director Christopher Smith (Creep, 2004) concocts this unique spin on the traditional slasher film in what Toronto Film Festival called “an off-the-wall mash-up of humour and horror”. A team of sales executives from an international arms company head to a corporate retreat in the forests of Hungary for a morale-building exercise. Before long, the team is whittled down one-by-one in increasingly creative and gut-wrenching ways. (Note: Several satisfying ‘reversals of expectation' included) “Severance delivers a shot of adrenaline chased with nitrous oxide into a genre recently bogged down in a vicious and sad cycle of sadism.” - Toronto Film Festival


D Christopher Smith P Jason Newmark S James Moran, Christopher Smith Dist Icon Film Distribution TD 35mm/2006/90mins