SNOOP DOGG'S HOOD OF HORROR (2006) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2007 , Full Moon Fever)
Director: Stacy Title

“Gleefully disgusting.” - Variety Snoop Dogg - narrating in his own ‘Snoop speak' - presides over this gore-sodden triumvirate of morality tales as a supernatural Hound of Hell. Each chapter teaches us that greed and violence is bad, reaching envelope-pushing levels of camp. Hear some of the best one-liners ever committed to celluloid - “It's expensive to be black” - and expect less chills and more thrills of the ‘I'm sick because I'm laughing at it' variety. Features animated sequences by Japanese outfit Madhouse and special effects overseen by The Matrix Oscar winner, John Gaeta. “It's the first ‘studio quality' horror film I've seen in a long time that is unapologetic in its offensiveness and blood splattered gore. Nothing like seeing a 6'10” brother get his brains impaled on a 40oz bottle of malt liquor.” -


D Stacy Title P Ted Chung, Jonathan McHugh, Martin Shore, Tim Sullivan, Christopher Tuffin Dist Arclight Films TD 35mm/2006/84mins

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