TRIPLE DARE (2006) [feature]

Denmark (MIFF 2007 , Next Gen)

A widely acclaimed teen drama that blitzed the Danish box office and took out the Best Children/Family Film award at the Robert Festival in Denmark. Sick and tired of being treated as juniors at their high school, Rebekka, Claudia and Sofie devise their own means of gaining respect. They challenge each other to complete a series of sexual dares that will take them step by step closer to adulthood. Despite their willingness to risk it all to ‘grow up', the three soon realise the responsibility that comes with being a woman can take the shine off any ‘achievements'. Christina Rosendahl's debut feature film is a humorous yet mature examination of real issues facing teenagers today. An intriguing insight into crossing the bridge from adolescence to young adulthood. MIFF recommends: Age 15+. Adult themes, some coarse language, infrequent mild nudity and sexual references.


D Christina Rosendahl P Thomas Heinesen S Mette Heeno WS Nordisk Film L Danish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/90mins

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