FAY GRIM (2006) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2007 , Jaguar International Panorama)
Director: Hal Hartley

“You're a good woman, Fay. Someday when all this is over and we have destroyed Western civilization... ” Ten years have passed since Henry Fool. With Fay Grim, filmmaker Hal Hartley reunites us with the characters of the original film who now, in favour of battling the pitfalls of celebrity in the media age, are battling espionage in the age of fear. Digging through multiple layers of paranoia along with the absurd and tongue-in-cheek, Fay (Parker Posey) sets out on an international odyssey to recover the manuscripts of three of Fool's books, each of which contains the encoded, detailed secrets of the transgressions of multiple world governments. “In the decade since Henry Fool, it implies, fear has driven the United States stark raving mad.” - New York Times


D Hal Hartley P Julien Berlan, Mark Cuban S Hal Hartley Dist Roadshow Films TD35mm/2006/118mins

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