AVIVA MY LOVE (2006) [feature]

Israel (MIFF 2007 , Stars of David)
Director: Shemi Zarhin

Winner of Best Screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Aviva My Love is an upbeat domestic drama set against the economic hardship of Israel's suburbs. Hotel cook Aviva is the rock at the heart of a dysfunctional family. Rebellious children; a depressed, long-term unemployed husband; and a cheerfully suicidal mother all vie for her attention. Her fiery sister Anita, lacking excitement in her own life, lives vicariously through Aviva's ambitions to be a writer. Although Aviva is unpublished and insecure, her talent is apparent to Oded, a professor and novelist who takes her on as a protégée. However, he has his own self-interested reasons for nurturing her talents. A deft story about the price at which we will sell our integrity and the cost that is really paid when we do so.

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D/S Shemi Zarhin P Eitan Evan WS United King Films L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/107mins

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