SNOW ANGELS (2006) [feature]

Canada (MIFF 2007 , Jaguar International Panorama)
Director: David Gordon Green

“A naturalistic and decidedly harsh glimpse into tangled, everyday lives.” - Hollywood Reporter Snow Angels spans three relationships at three different stages and culminates in two gunshots that change everything. Arthur is a trombonist for the high school band, exploring his first real relationship with his newfound love, Lila, while his parents are battling their way through a patchy separation. Meanwhile, Arthur's co-worker, Annie, is fighting off her recovering alcoholic ex-husband who persists in re-entering her life and that of their daughter. Human suffering, personal connections and the private pains of others are taken to the enth degree in this adaptation of Stewart O'Nan's award-winning novel. Filmmaker David Gordon Green's features Undertow, All the Real Girls and George Washington have previously appeared at MIFF.


D/S David Gordon Green P Dan Lindau, R. Paul Miller, Lisa Muskrat, Cami Taylor WS Wild Bunch TD 35mm/2006/103mins

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