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Set amid the sun-drenched cotton fields of southern Arkansas, Jeff Nichols' debut feature is a powerful parable about the futility and complexity of blood feuds. Son, Kid and Boy have been raised to hate their father, Cleaman Hayes, a deadbeat who abandoned them - subsequently rehabilitating himself and fathering a second litter of sons with a new wife. When Cleaman dies, the two families attend the funeral for a tense reunion. Son, in a cathartic gesture, spits on his father's grave, unwittingly igniting a vicious feud between the two broods of half-brothers. The retributive war of family versus family quickly spirals out of control, the weight of events driving them, seemingly inexorably, towards a bloody conclusion. Produced by David Gordon Green (Snow Angels, this year's MIFF).


D/S Jeff Nichols P David Gordon Green, Lisa Muskat, Jeff Nichols WS Coach 14 TD 35mm/2007/92mins