BOXING DAY (2007) [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2007 , Homegrown)
Director: Kriv Stenders

A father's struggle to reunite his family over a single afternoon, told in real-time and, effectively, shot in a single take. Living alone on home detention, Chris (Richard Green) is preparing Christmas lunch for his teenage daughter when an old friend offers a disturbing truth about his ex-wife's new boyfriend. In painstaking detail - minute by minute - he wrestles with this secret and with the prospect of it tearing his family apart. Filmmaker Kriv Stenders (Blacktown MIFF 05, The Illustrated Family Doctor) has produced a claustrophobic character piece with tension wound so tight it's sure to snap. As he explains, “The thing I learn as I make more and more films is that, if I frighten myself, if I put myself in compromising positions, I find that the pay-off is more rewarding than being safe.”

D/S Kriv Stenders P Kristian Moliere WS Smoking Gun Productions TD HDcam/2007/82mins

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