MY FATHER, MY LORD (2006) [feature]

Israel (MIFF 2007 , Stars of David)
Director: David Volach

Director David Volach will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of My Father, My Lord

“With the primordial clarity of fable, David Volach's astonishing debut feature recalls that most terrible of Jewish parables, Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac.” - Variety

A revered rabbi (Assi Dayan) lives in the enclosed warmth of contemporary ultra-Orthodox family life. Bestowing the same love and respect for his wife and only son as he does his theological pursuits, he embraces the strictures of this life with considerable self-satisfaction. As his son starts to question their beliefs out of natural curiosity and explore the boundaries of their existence, the rabbi is affronted, though his religious certitude is only reinforced. But when the hand of fate strikes in an act of biblical, incomprehensible cruelty, the rabbi is pushed to confront the limits of his faith. Winner of Best Narrative Feature at Tribeca Film Festival.

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D/S David Volach P Eyal Shiray WS Eyal Shiray L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2006/73miins

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