HOPE [feature]

Australia (MIFF 2007 , Homegrown)
Director: Steve Thomas


Four hundred asylum seekers pitched into the sea when their people-smuggling boat from Indonesia sank in 2001. Three hundred and fifty three people drowned. Only seven survivors made it to Australia. Amal Basry was one of those survivors.

Controversy surrounded the sinking of the boat, known as SIEV X (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel Unknown). In public, Amal became an advocate for the survivors. In private, she fought to reunite her fragmented family, cope with the consequences of the disaster and return to Indonesia. But Amal was no victim. She loved movies and had always dreamed of being in a film of her own. Documentary maker Steve Thomas wanted to record her life story. So they made a deal. And having embarked on this journey, Thomas had no choice but to follow on.

Check out the Talking Picture Session - Shooting from the Lip

D Steve Thomas P Sue Brooks, Steve Thomas, Kim Anning WS Flying Carpet Films TD digibeta/2007/120mins

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