JOHN PEEL'S RECORD BOX (2006) [feature]

UK (MIFF 2007 , Backbeat)
Director: Elaine Shepherd

In a two-foot-long wooden box, renowned British DJ and broadcaster John Peel kept his most precious collection of 142 vinyl, seven-inch singles. John Peel's Record Box literally lifts the lid on this stash of his most precious gems one year following his sudden death. Found within are The White Stripes, Status Quo and, shock horror, Sheena Easton (twice!). Nominated for an International Emmy Award. D Elaine Shepard P Anita Brown, Chris Wilson WS Endemol TD beta SP/2005/51mins In What the Future Sounded Like, Australian filmmaker Matthew Bate tips his hat to the innovators of Electronic Music Studios (EMS), a forward-thinking group of avant-garde electronic musicians who concocted a futuristic soundscape for post-war Britain. Their pioneering work included the creation of Britain's first synthesizer, the VCS3, a rival to the American Moog, which influenced the sounds of artists like Brian Eno and Pink Floyd.


D Matthew Bate P Claire Harris WS Claire Harris TD digibeta/2007/27mins

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