DIARY OF THE DEAD (2007) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Retrospective on George Romero)
Director: George Romero

Real zombies move slow.

Taking a shot at Zack Snider's accelerated version of the living dead, Romero returns for the fifth time to his own franchise with a trip back to the future. A film full of energy, as close as ever to Night of the Living Dead yet rooted in our own new media culture. Shooting for the first time in HD, Romero constructs Diary through the lenses (two videocameras and one cell phone) of a group of students caught in the zombie invasion - while shooting a Mummy movie.

This new awakening of the living dead also features a sly tribute to Romero's genre compatriots, with cameos from Quentin Tarantino, Stephen King, Wes Craven, Simon Pegg and Guillermo Del Toro as the voices of newscasters.
D/S George A. Romero P Peter Grunwald, Art Spiegel, Sam Englebardt, Ara Katz Dist Madman TD 35mm/2007/95mins

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