Canada (MIFF 2008 , Documentaries)
Director: John Zaritsky

“I see a lot of me in the horses. Taken out of the chaos, brought here, taken to a great place.” - inmate Anthony Edwards

Each year at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, selected inmates from the Canon City Corrections Facility are paired with some of the 32,000 wild mustang horses that roam the government land. The prisoners and horses spend 90 days together, at the end of which one or both will hopefully be tamed. For more than 20-years WHIP - the Wild Horse Inmate Program - has helped train thousands of horses and has rehabilitated hardened criminals in the hope of giving them a future outside prison walls. Oscar-winning director John Zaritsky takes us inside the program, following the journeys of three inmates and their equine companions. --- D John Zaritsky P Peter Raymont, Silva Basmajian S Bob McKeown, John Zaritsky WS National Film Board of Canada TD digibeta/2007/90mins

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