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“A brilliantly uncomfortable character study of a woman in her forties still struggling to find her identity.” - The Times

Turning up in the dead of night to her friend's Italian holiday villa without her husband, Anna is alone and holding her cards close to her chest. Childless, in a marriage that is slowly breaking down, she finds herself on the outer with the other adults in the house, preferring instead to spend time with the teenagers, who for her represent a second chance.

Slowly things begin to unravel, tensions build and amongst the idyllic landscape of rural Italy Anna finds herself unrelated - unrelated by blood, unrelated by circumstance and unrelated by age.

The debut feature from director Joanna Hogg, Unrelated was the recipient of the FIPRESCI Prize at the London International Film Festival.
D/S Joanna Hogg P Barbara Stone WS Barbara Stone TD 35mm/2007/100mins