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A journey to the recesses of photographed memory in Chris Marker's impressionistic film, Description of a Struggle, which won the Golden Bear at the 1961 Berlin Festival.

In his 1960 film Marker travelled to Israel to capture the young country's struggle for identity and to muse on what the future held in his characteristically hypnotic filmmaking style. In Description of a Memory director Dan Geva takes us back to where Marker left off almost 50 years ago. Linking past and present with an elegant reinterpretation of Marker's images and ideas, Geva reveals that the Israel of today is indeed the one that Marker had imagined.
A remarkable cinematic essay, by turns as thoughtful, topical and hypnotic as Marker's original.
D Dan Geva P/S Dan Geva, Noit Geva WS JMT Films Distribution
L Hebrew, French, English, Arabic w/English subtitles
TD betaSP/2006/80mins