To See If I'm Smiling (2007) [feature]

Israel (MIFF 2008 , Documentaries)
Director: Tamar Yarom

“Who wants to deal with the evil within himself?” - former Israeli army medic Meytal Sandler

With work that included scrubbing the corpses of detainees to hide evidence of abuse, Israeli army medic Meytal Sandler is one of many soldiers trying to live with the atrocities they witnessed or committed. Still, she looks again with curiosity at the photos of herself with the corpses - to see if she is smiling.

Director Tamar Yarom's award-winning film revisits a world she saw first hand as an Israeli soldier, speaking to six female draftees whose two years of service on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank - and the actions witnessed and perpetrated there - put them face to face with their own capacity for crossing an increasingly blurry moral threshold.

--- D/P/S Tamar Yarom WS First Hand Films L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2007/59mins

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