Serbia (MIFF 2008 , International Panorama)
Director: Zelimir Zilnik

In this highly original film - is it social docudrama? An ‘acted documentary'? - an immigrant to Germany re-enacts episodes from his own life, in a blindingly charismatic performance.

Filmmaker Zelimir Zilnick once again turns his lens on his favourite subject - the bold and brash Kenedi Hasani, a Serbian emigrant living in Germany. This is the third time the filmmaker has returned to the same subject: Kenedi appeared as himself in Zilnick's Kenedi Goes Back Home (2003) and Kenedi, Lost and Found (2005).
In huge debt after rebuilding a house for his family, Kenedi tries his hand at the sex industry where he ‘services' older ladies and widows, until broadening his clientele to include wealthy men. Why not? When potential citizenship in the EU is at stake Kenedi will try his hand at anything.
D/P/S Zelimir Zilnik WS Sarita Matijevic L Romanian, Serbian, German w/English subtitles
TD betaSP/2007/80mins

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