LAND OF THE DEAD (MA15+) (2005) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Retrospective on George Romero)
Director: George Romero

The dead shall inherit the earth.

Partially rewritten after 9/11, Land of the Dead is the only film of the ‘Dead' series produced by a major studio.
While the rich and powerful live in a fortified golden tower, all around them the zombies (“my blue collar monsters,” Romero calls them) walk the earth in the seemingly endless night. They are as hungry as ever but a little less aimless, less docile and less hapless than before…
Romero went back to Hollywood, scored a mainstream coup - and delivered a revolution. Dennis Hooper appears as a Bush/Cheney clone and a very undead Asia Argento joins the cast of her father's old friend.
D/S George A. Romero P Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann, Peter Grunwald WS Universal
TD 35mm/2005/94mins

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