KNIGHTRIDERS (M) (1981) [feature]

USA (MIFF 2008 , Retrospective on George Romero)
Director: George Romero

“The last film of the 60s. So sincere it takes your breath away.” - film critic Kent Jones

Ed Harris leads a carnival troupe whose specialty is medieval jousting on motorcycles. In Romero's armoury of parables, these knights on bikes are an alternative/utopian community in Reagan's America. The dragon? Media and commercialisation.
Probably George A. Romero's most unusual and lyrical work, and a film that speaks volumes about his spirit, his ethic and his relationship to Hollywood.
“I used to love the Round Table. The film was only loosely Arthurian, not very accurate. But it's more based on [the idea of] Camelot than anything else… I love it. I still love it and I still cry at the end of it.” - George A. Romero
D/S George A. Romero P Richard Rubinstein TD 35mm/1981/95mins

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