AN ISLAND CALLING (2008) [feature]

New Zealand, Fiji (MIFF 2008 , Documentaries)
Director: Annie Goldson

"I'm always drawn to incidents that if unpacked, reveal a lot about a moment and a culture, and I felt this was one of them." - filmmaker Annie Goldson.

They called him the White Angel. John Scott was the director of the Fijian Red Cross. His courage was lauded during a coup in 2000 when in the face of armed militants he delivered aid to hostages. But a year later he was brutally murdered with a cane knife, along with his gay lover, Greg Scriviner.
John Scott's great-grandfather was one of the missionaries who brought the Bible to Fiji in the 19th century; ironically, in 2001 that same book was used to justify Scott's murder.
An Island Calling examines Fiji's volatile colonial past, indigenous entitlement and evangelical Christianity - and their role in this horrific crime.
D/P/S Annie Goldson WS Occasional Productions TD digibeta/2008/76mins

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